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    Atatürk hayatı ile ilgili ingilizce bilgiler

    Atatürk hayatı ile ilgili ingilizce bilgiler

    He was born in Thessaloniki in 1881. Primary education and secondary education as part of military students worked in Thessaloniki. Bitirdi.1902 monastery in the Army Academy of Military School, Military Academy and graduated in 1905 took oldu.Orduda various tasks. In 1913, he was "military attaché in Sofia.

    During the First World War, the Battle of Gallipoli, served as Commander of Division structure. Since 1916, the Eastern and Southern Command of the Army Corps and was in front. Bitlis and Mush was in charge of the forces then recover from enemy invasion. He worked in Palestine and the Syrian front.

    Mondros Armistice, the Sevres Treaty provisions on the basis of the country's foreign occupation over the last Ottoman Sultans Sultan Khan by the Anatolia gönderildi.19 May 1919 to Samsun and the Turkish national struggle başlattı.Amasya circular, Sivas and Erzurum congress gathered. Resigned from military duty on 23 April 1920 gathered in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Parliament in August 1921, Commander in Chief by assuming seçildi.5 Greek invasion of Anatolia continued to struggle for liberation. Won the Battle of Sakarya. 19 September 1921 by parliament and the traditional Veterans title was given to him Marshal.

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