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Okul ve Eğitim ve Bilgi Arşivi Forumunda paralel olarak ingilizce Konusunu Okuyorsunuz..
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    paralel olarak ingilizce

    paralel in ingilizce tanımı nedir. kısaca yazınız

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    Paralel in ingilizce tanımı

    90 north of the Equator, including 90 in the south, has a total of 180 parallel.

    Start Ekvator'dur parallel.

    The largest room Ekvator'dur.

    Equidistant from the poles towards the equator become shorter in length. However, the numbers will grow in parallel.

    Distance between two parallel degree of latitude is called. Mathematics in more detail in order to determine the location of each parallel circle 60 minutes, each minute is divided into 60 seconds.

    The point is in 90 ° parallels.

    Parallels intersect with each other, unite.

    Parallels the east - west direction and extend.

    Ecuador lies between latitudes and low latitudes cobwebs, cobwebs in the mid-latitudes and polar latitudes, between departments, between the points with the polar circles polar latitudes is called the high latitudes.

    Is approximately 111 km distance between two consecutive parallel. Taking advantage of this distance north-south direction and distance between two points on the same meridian can be calculated.

    Parallels between the length of the path followed by the following procedures shall be:

    Asked the distance between them is the difference between the points of latitude. If desired places both on the same hemisphere, a great number of small parallel-to-parallel output. Küredeler half of the collected different parallels.

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