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    İngilizce geçmiş olsun mesajları

    Arkadaşlar lütfen bana İngilizce geçmiş olsun mesajları hakkında bir kaç tane örnekler verir misiniz? Bana yardımcı olduğunuz için teşekkürler arkadaşlar.

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    İngilizce geçmiş olsun mesajları

    İngilizce geçmiş olsun mesajları

    What is a heart, love, everything resolves heart disease is when the heart is full of love, full, I'm sending you love does not fit in the universe to get past the

    Other conditions not give a God. I want to take care of yourself after that. I hope you'll get better soon.

    Morbidity was very upset us, we wish a speedy recovery ..

    Get well soon, hope to have you as soon as possible

    Hope to get well as soon as possible ..

    Take care of yourself, you are important to us ..

    Hope to get well as soon as possible ..

    Quick heal and hope to go back to us as soon as possible ..

    God grant a speedy recovery, dear friend, in the absence of miss you.

    foot, in turn, are now among their loved ones.

    My brand healed and now wish to come between us, so let the past, we love you.

    Do not ever leave without us ill. Get well soon dear

    Our thoughts are with you as soon as possible before your eyes sparkle gloss believe it will be the envy of the sun again. Get well soon

    Mountains as brave as you, and you can not be strong enough. firmly believe that beat the discomfort as soon as possible, and to see the old version of a powerful and loving. We wish a speedy recovery

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