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    Linda Buck İngilizce Hayatı

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    Linda B Buck

    Seattle, Washington, mountains, forests and sea on the ninth century had come to the United States surrounded by a city, was born in the year 1947 my mother, my father's family on one side and the other Irish ancestors dating back to the roots of the American Revolution, while I was the daughter of the Swedish Immigrant three children, all girls My mother came in second, his son-grade, gentle and witty and word puzzles, loved father of a housewife at home, spent much of her time to invent something, and in the basement bina, puzzles and discoveries Ayse Had an electrical engineer and my family my interest because of the closeness of the seeds of future science, but, I was going to be a scientist one day added as a child can never imagine

    During my childhood, girls usually play with the baby did not have something you 're ready Lieutenant curious, and even though I get bored easily, so often met spyware and music lessons outside the school embarked on adventures to me, my life I was given a relatively unstructured and an important independence, mother, music, and I learned to appreciate the beauty and the use of tools and building things my father taught me how difficult it sew clothes for my dolls HOW taught me the magic Sweden Click to satisfied, and told stories about girlhood ONU with my grandmother spent her zaman Added too much to do everything I wanted in my life They said it was fortunate for a wonderful ability to supporting parents and taught to think independently and critically their own ideas, "not settle for mediocre Click one thing," my mother's words, to make something of my life Click Değerli called me and I internalized it as a scientist I Courses WORKING know now that influenced

    I lost a few miles from our house, looking for Real Property, he studied at the University of Washington would be helpful to others zaman I wanted to make a career, met So initially thinking it'd be a psychotherapist, Verdi is an important decision in the field of psychology Over time, the interests of a very different career opportunities expanded, and a Added entertained, however, there is no ideal and unfounded seemed reluctant to do anything that might prove the next few years, intermittently, travel to a nearby island, living his passion and Immunology in Seattle found more interesting courses taken, one found in Photoshop, I finally get my way I would have been a biologist

    In 1975, I University of Texas at Dallas Medical Center Department of Microbiology, Division of Real Property, School Begins at times met the son still young and a major center of learning in a stimulating and say, undergone an expansion in the field of immunology at the University of Washington type in the field of psychology with Walter Makous then with Ursula Storb immunology, Estimated Annual Research have done a Small, But I really learned to be a scientist, research excellence and precision of Texas Requested Had a great thesis advisor, had Ellen Vitetta, I believe that my habits are important Click to learn as a student thesis difference in the direction of cell surface antigens virgin immunoglobulin receptors in B lymphocyte subsets are used as compared with functional properties

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