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    Peygamberimizin hayatı ingilizce

    In short, life is short and concise Muhammad

    the Prophet. Muhammad (SAAS) 571 was born in Mecca in. His father passed away before we're born. Is born, his mother died after a short period of time. Then came the protection of his grandfather in Abdulmuttalip. After the death of his uncle Abu Talib was to stay beside her. Trade was thrown from an early age. Opposed to people living in Mecca and idolatrous. For this reason, stay away from those people constantly pulled out of sight mağrasına hira. In the meantime, he married his first wife, haticeyle speed. Hazrat haticeden November, Abdullah, Zeynep, Rukia, Umm Kulthum, Fatima was the name of her six children died in November and early age, Abdullah. Again, the Archangel Gabriel, the angel of revelation came a day hira mağrasına pulled and gave the order to read him his first revelation. Thus hz.
    Muhammad (SAAS) 40-year-old prophecy was given. The first wife of her speed. Hatice believed, then speed. After Ali. Hazrat Zaid bin Haris ardındanda. After Abu Bakr believed that many people gave ear to.
    Although many kinds of Muslims persecuted by Muslims, torture and boycott of the elders of Mecca did apply. To avoid some Muslim habeşistana he moved to the Budan. Then, behind them, some Muslims have migrated to more habeşistana. At the end of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) migrated to Medina, Muslims have all the orders. Front-Muslims, the Prophet went after them. Muhammad and Abu Bakr went to his friend. Natives of Medina (Ansar), the Muslims responded very well. Locals Medina (Ansar) who migrated to Mecca (emigrant) brothers was declared. Thus was established the Islamic state of Medina. The establishment of the Islamic state Muslims began to attack Pagans battle of Badr was the first war.
    A caravan of Mecca, Mecca to the Muslims that are going to trade for the goods it wanted to seize the Meccans who have made preparation for war and

    They came upon the Muslims. Rocks of the armies that fought encounter at Badr. Muslims won the battle of Badr, the Muslims of this trade route was opened as a result of life. 10 Muslim prisoners were uncovered in the war were released on condition that teach reading and writing. Meccan Pagans launched the battle of Badr, Uhud, Uhud war to avenge the Muslims at the beginning of the war by leaving the place galipken archers appointed prophet was defeated by the Muslims. Pagans, but still won no decisive victory. Then the ditch was the war wanted to hit a heavy blow to the Muslims because the Meccans. Selmani Pharisees heard that Muslims around the wells dug, and the city's defense went on the recommendation medindenin.
    Thus the war ended in victory for the Muslims. In 628 the Muslims decided to go on pilgrimage. Meccans who worried that by not buying them in. Hudaybiya signed the treaty. Hudaybiya agreement is an agreement now that the reputation of Muslims. Muslims conquered Khaybar in 629. The conquest of Khaybar and Sami trade route into the hands of the Muslims after the conquest of geçti.hayberin müslüamnlar bizansla for the first time the warring armies fought mute, unable to produce any results returned. Was the conquest of Mecca in 630. After the conquest of Mecca Arab peninsula quickly came under Muslim control. Between Muslims and the pagan Arab tribes, the Muslims won the battle of Hunayn savaşınıda successfully. After the victory of Hunayn was besieged city of Taif.
    Prophet Mohammed's last expedition was in the expedition to Tabuk. Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) went on a pilgrimage with Muslims in recent times and it was called the pilgrimage of farewell farewell farewell pilgrimage of Muslims speaking nature of the Prophet. In 632 Muhammad died in Medina in Medina Ravza-i Mutahhar currently there are grave.

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