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  1. Gizli @ yara
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    Cevap: ANKARA ili ingilizce tanıtımı

    Sarıyar Dam

    City: Ankara, Eskişehir
    Provinces: Beypazarı, Nallıhan, Mihalıççık
    Surface Area : 8400
    Altitude: 475 m
    Protection: partially

    Bird Species: Among the important species, breeding within the region, gece balıkçılı (120 pairs), which nests on the rocky mountains at south coast as well as kara leylek (20 pairs), which nest at rocky mountains, küçük akbaba (10 pairs) and bıyıklı doğan (1 pairs) can be mentioned. "Nallıhan Kuşcenneti" is an important shelter point during immigration for numerous leylek (max. 11.300) and angıt (max. 2400).

    Main Characteristics: dam lake, rocky mountains

    Kızılırmak Basin

    Beynam Forest

    City: Ankara
    Provinces: Gölbaşı
    Surface Area : 2100
    Altitude : 1200 - 1521 m
    Protection: Yes

    Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status with breeding two pairs of şah kartal.

    Main Characteristics: forest

    Winter Sports

    Located 20km from Ankara, with an altitude between 1500 and 1850m, the Elmadag Ski Centre is ski centre has a 10-room hotel, chalets, a ski lift, restaurant and bar. The ski seasons runs from January to March. Ankara also has two ice-skating rinks; at Bahcelievler in Sondurak, and in Kurtulus Park.


    The Elmadag Ski Resort, which is on the northern slopes of Elmadag mountain range, is a few kilometres south-east of the centre of Ankara, which has made it more popular.

    Arrival: At just 18km from the city, and close to the airport, there are many private vehicles going to the resort.

    Geography: The resort is on the northern slopes of Elmadag between the altitudes of 1500-1850m. The area is treeless and covered with alpine meadows. The season runs between January and March, with a terrestrial climate, and snow thickness between 30-60cm.

    Facilities: There are government-owned ski lodges, plus two restaurants, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, disco and restaurants. The T-bar has a 548m route, and the ski run is at an easy/medium level.


    Foreigners can only hunt in parties organised by Turkish travel agencies which have been authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. These agencies provide all information concerning seasons, authorised zones, permits, weapons and ammunition. A list of agencies can be obtained from the Union of Travel Agencies (TURSAB).

    For more information, contact: - Forest Ministry, National Parks and Wildlife General Directorate, Gazi Tesisleri No 11, Gazi, Ankara.

    Tel: (312) 221 1769/212 6300. Fax: 222 5140.

    - Youth and Sport General Directorate, Hunting and Marksman Federation

    Ulus Ishani A Blok 4 Kat No 404, Ulus, Ankara.

    Tel: (312) 310 6160/310 3960. Fax: 310 6160.

    The province of Ankara has a wide variety of wild game, the most important of which are partridge, hazel grouse, rabbit, ducks and geese. In the forests of Nallihan, Beypazari, Kizilcahamam, Camlidere, Cubuk and Gudul, there are bears, lynx, wild hogs and deer.


    Fishing in the Ankara province can be divided into four different categories: rivers, dams, lakes and ponds. For river fishing there are the Kizilirmak, Sakarya and Kimir rivers and their tributaries. Lake fishing is done at Lake Mogan, Lake Eymir and Lake Karagol. There are also a number of dams in the province for excellent fishing.

    Youth Tourism

    Having the great majority of her population being composed of young people,Turkey embodies camp centers and facilities enabling the young people living in abroad and in country the opportunity to enjoy an easily acquired holiday.

    - TUREM - The Tourism Training Centers of The Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    - Forest Camps of The Forest Ministry
    - Youth Camps Sponsored By The Youth and Sports Administration
    - The Higher Education Housing and Loan Association
    - Hostels
    - Transportation Services For Students
    - International Cards and Agencies Which Provide Them
    - Institutions Which Sponsor Youth Activities
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  2. Nesrin
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    Ankara türkiyenin sahip olduğu büyük şehirlerden birid.r bunun dışında ankaranın çok önemli bir il olmasının nedeni türkiyenin başkenti olmasıdır. bunu dışında ankara türkiyenin en kalabalık olan ikinci şehridir. ankarada günümüzde yaklaşık olarak beş milyon kişi bulunmaktadır.

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