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  1. Gizli @ yara
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    SİNOP il Tanıtımı İngilizce ve türkçe

    SİNOP Tanıtımı (İngilizce) ve türkçe olarak


    Area: 5.862 km²

    Population: 265.153 (1990)

    Traffic Code: 57

    The province of Sinop is located at the most northern point of the Black Sea Region at the most narrow section of the Boztepe Peninsula. The province is one of the most beautiful natural seaports of the Black Sea Region. The province is one of the oldest cities of the region and is the birth lace of the philosopher Diogene. The city provides unbelievable beauties to its visitors with the beaches which lie one each other.

    Districts : Ayancık, Boyabat, Dikmen, Durağan, Erfelek, Gezde, Saraydüzü and Türkeli.

    How to Get

    Highway The bus station is located at the city center. Telephone of the Bus station: (+ 90 - 368) 260 03 04

    Sea Transportation The port of the Sinop province is located at the city center. Telephone of the seaport: (+ 90 - 368) 261 71 Telephone of the Naval Bureau: (+ 90 - 368) 261 59 05

    Air Transportation The distance between the Sinop airport and the city center is approximately 8 km. The transportation is possible via minibuses or commercial taxis. Telephone of the Airport: (+ 90 - 368) 271 44 55 The Sinop Branch of The Turkish Airlines: (+ 90 - 368) 260 24 70

    Where to Visit


    SinopCastle The castle was founded on the peninsula in BC 7th Century in order to protect the city. The castle was restored and used in Roman, Byzantine and Seljukian periods and. One section of the castle still protects its glory in modern times. The ramparts of the castle are 2050 m. long, 25 m. high and 3m. width and there are two main entrance gates.

    Old Sinop Prison The area where the prison was constructed was the area where the largest shipyard the Black Sea region of the Ottoman period. The prison as constructed on the old field of shipyard inside the castle. The structure was used as a prison building after 1887. The structure is surrounded by high ramparts. This characteristics made the structure inescapable for the prisoners. The castle was transferred to the private sector by the Ministry of Culture and the studies are still in progress.


    Alaaddin Mosque The mosque was constructed only after the conquest of Sinop Province. The structure is a building of the Seljukian period. It is located at the southern part of a large courtyard. The building was constructed on a rectangular plan and has five domes. The courtyard contains a şadırvan (water tank with a fountain) and the mausoleums of the İsfendiyaroğulları nation.

    The other major mosques of the Sinop province are the Kefevi Mosque, Saray Mosque, Mehmet Ağa Mosque, Cezayirli Ali Paşa Mosque, Meydankapı Mosque and the İskele Mosque.

    Saint Seyyit Bilal Mausoleum The structure was constructed in the Seljukian period. The mausoleum was constructed on the place where Saint Seyyit Bilal, who was the ancestor of Saint Hüseyin and was one of the commanders of the Arabian Armies was martyred. Among the other major mausoleums of the Sinop Province are the Gazi Çelebi Mausoleum, Sultan Hatun Mausoleum (Aynalı Kadın Mausoleum), Hatunlar Mausoleum, Yeşil Türbe Mausoleum, İsfendiyar Oğulları Mausoleum and Çeçe Sultan Mausoleum.

    BalatlarChurch The structure was assumed to be used as a theatre or a bath during the Roman age. This structure was started to be used as a church building in 7th century by Byzantines. Some sections of the interior frescos are still intact . The building is located in a field owned by a private property.


    Sinop - Sarikum Nature Reserve
    Location: The area is in Abali village, near Merkez in the province Sinop, in the western Black Sea region.

    Transportation: The area can be accessed off the Sinop-Istanbul state highway, 17km west of Sinop.

    Highlights: The 78 hectares of the area are situated in a combination of sea, sand, lake and forest. There are many species of water birds and birds of prey, and animals like roe deer, lynx, bustard and swan. There is a dense presence of the wild colt plant, and species of trees also include beech, horn-beam and oak, a rare combination, plus a pure ash forest.

    Sinop - Kızılcaelmalı Oak

    Place: Sinop

    Characteristics: A 250 years old and 20 meters tall oak tree that have a diameter of 1.20 meters and circumference length of 3.7 meters.

    Foundation Date: 29.09.1994


    Plateaus of the Sinop Province

    Guzfındık - Bozarmut Highlands

    Transportation: It is a 35 km drive down a dirt road to the highland, located southwest of the town of Gerze - Çalboğazı. With a car it takes about 45 minutes to get there from the beach at Gerze.

    Description: The elevation here is 1350 m. and there is no infrastructure here.

    Accommodation - Food and Drink: There are no facilities here. Those who plan on camping should bring their own tents and other basic supplies

  2. Gizli @ yara
    Özel Üye

    Türkeli Kurugöl Highland

    Transportation: Türkeli is 12 km northwest of the town. There is a dirt road for 10 km but the last 2 km are nothing but a small path.

    Description: This highland with an elevation of 800 m. looks out over the Black Sea and the view is gorgeous. Except for water and electricity, there are no other infrastructure improvements.

    Accommodation - Food and Drink: Those who plan on camping should bring their own tents and other basic supplies

    Ayancık - Akgöl Highland

    Transportation: Turn right after going 44 km on the Ayancık-Boyabat road and you will reach the village after following this dirt road another 4 km.

    Description: The pristine Akgöl Highland, with incredibly diverse flora in this forest of crooked trees is often chosen for botanical research. The small artificial lake formed by putting a dam across Yemişli Creek is currently used for raising red-spotted trout.

    Accommodation - Food and Drink: Those who plan on camping should bring their own tents and other basic supplies


    İnaltı Cave

    Location: Sinop, Ayancık District
    The cave is located in the vicinity of İnaltı Village which is approximately 35 kilometers away from Ayancık District of Sinop. The transportation is via a soil but beautifully scenic road. The distance between İnaltı Village and the cave is nearly 400-450 meters and the steep is severe.

    Properties: İnaltı Cave starts with a wide and high entrance end this property continues about 350 - 400 meters. The cave has 3 - 6 meters width ve5-25 meters height and expands as a big tunnel. There are travertine formations and various sized stalagmites at first 350-400 meters. The total length of the cave is 700 meters and the section after 400 meters is covered with water and mud.


    Sarıkum Desert

    City: Sinop
    Provinces: Sinop Merkez
    Surface Area: 785
    Altitude: Sea level
    Protection: Yes

    Bird Species: It gains important bird areas status due to huge numbers of water birds (max. 20.226), including dikkuyruk (max. 55).

    Main Characteristics: light salty lake, forest

    Beaches and the Promenade places

    Hamsilos Bay The Hamsilos Bay is located 11 km away from the city center and is a beautiful beach surrounded by evergreen forests and multicolored flowers where the sea expands as a river to inland.

    Sarıkum The area is a perfect and unique promenade area where sea, lake and forest meets. It is 21 km. away from the city center. Various hunting games inhabit the area. The region was declared as the natural protection site.

    Akliman Locality It is located to the west of the city. The place is famous with its beach which is kilometers long and 15 - 20 meters wide. The Akliman promenade place which is arranged by the Forest Administration Directorate could respond to all sorts of desires and needs. Also there are various motels, camping sites and promenade places along the beach.

    The Forest Camp The camp is located inside an area covered with pine trees located at the entrance section of the city facing the inner port. The social facilities of the Forest Administration Directorate are present at the camp. It is possible to camp and swim at the sea during the summer season.

    Yuvam Camp The camp is located at the vicinity of the forest camp. The beach and the facilities belong to the Municipality of the Sinop province. The area is a beautiful promenade place. There are places for camping and pitching tent.

    Karakum Locality The promenade place is located at the central port region of the city and is located 1.5 km. away from the city center. There are hotels, pensions, bungalow type houses and places for tents and camping owned by special administration.

    Soğuksu It is located at the 47. Kilometer of the Sinop - Boyabat highway. The area is covered with fir trees. The mineral waters located in the forest are known as curative for various diseases.

    Bektaşağa Village and Small Lake The lake is located 20 km. distant from the Sinop - Erfelek road. The traditional festivals and hunting in forest and fishing at the lake are famous

  3. Gizli @ yara
    Özel Üye

    Camping & Caravan Facilities There are camping and caravan facilities founded at the city center. These could be counted as the Gazi Camp, Karakum Camp, Yuvam Camp and the Martı Camping and Demirkollar Camp.

    GaziForest Camp

    Location: Sinop
    Facilities: Bathrooms, food stand, water, electricity, toilets and showers.
    Open: June 1st to September 1st.
    Tel: (0368) 260 2387
    Fax: (0368) 260 3563

    Hunting The area surrounding the province of Sinop and its districts contain numbers of wild boar. These boars are hunted by the local hunters. As the infrastructure for hunting wild boar is completed, this hunting activity would be carried to the foreign markets.

    Sailing The arrangements of national and international sailing contests are executed at the province of Sinop.


    The climate in Sinop province is cool in summer seasons while mild in winter seasons. The effect of the Black Sea Region decreases in the southern and central regions and the temperature and the precipitation decreases. As the province receives high precipitation because of the characteristics of the Black Sea Region, it is covered with rich forest tissue and natural beauties.


    The region of Sinop was dominated by the Hittite, Frigian, Lydian, Persian, Alexander the Great, Selevkes, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukian, Candaroğlu and Ottoman civilizations.

    Where to Eat

    The local food varieties are; Nohul (with grapes - walnut - mince meat - yogurt), Katlama Pilaki (food of Hıdırellez), Corn Pastry, Kaşık Çıkartması (mamalika), Keşkek Meal, Hamsi Dolması, Ayva and Kestane Meal, Kulak Hamuru (içi etli mantı), Islama, Corn Soup, Mısır Tarhanası, Sirkeli Patlıcan and Sirkeli Pırasa.

    What to Buy

    The region is rich in hand crafted creations. The linen textile is executed in Ayancık district. The cloth of Mahrama and Durağan is weaved in Durağan district.

    One variety of the hand crafts is the ship modeling which is called as the cuttership. The blade production of the Özekes family continued since four generations hold a special place.

    Don't Leave Without

    - Visiting Akliman locality, Hamsilos bay, Sarıkum lake (Natural protection area), Ayancık Akgöl, Erfelek Mineral water waterfall,

    - Visiting the Sinop Museum

    - Tasting Mantı, Nokul (with mince meat and grape), Islama (with chicken),

    - Buying worldwide famous souvenir cutter and fishing boat models, touristic steel blades and linen textile.


    Registered Immobile Cultural and Natural Heritages in Sinop


    Archaeological Sites: 58
    Urban Sites: 1
    Natural Sites: 5
    Historical Sites: -

    Other Sites

    Archaeological and Natural Sites: 1
    Total: 65 Cultural (at Single Construction Scale) and Natural
    Heritages: 345

    TOTAL: 410

    Contact Information

    Provincial Cultural Directorate
    Tel: (368) 261 30 23
    Fax: (368) 261 48 68

    Cultural Centers

    Hall with 100 seating capacity for theater, conferences, etc.

    125 m² Exhibition Hall 2 Art Workshops
    Contact Address: Yenimahalle Okulaltı Sok. No:12 - Sinop
    Tel: (368) 261 30 23
    Fax: (368) 261 48 68

    State Fine Arts Gallery Directorate
    İl Kültür Merkezi Binası Karantina Sok. No:12 SİNOP
    Tel: (0 368) 261 67 62
    Fax: 261 48 68

    Sinop Museum Detailed Information Address: Okullar Cad. - Sinop
    Tel: (368) 261 19 75

    Governorship : (+90-368) 261 15 04
    Municipality : (+90-368) 261 15 10
    Hospital : (+90-368) 261 45 10 - 261 45 11
    Police : (+90-368) 261 17 70
    Gendarme : (+90-368) 261 15 20
    Provincial Directorate : (+90-368) 261 52 07
    Tourism Information Office : (+90-368) 261 52 98

  4. Gizli @ yara
    Özel Üye
    Sinop Gezgin Gözüyle

    Yüzyılda Milet'ten gelerek Sinop'ta yerleşip koloni kuran göçmenler tarafından ilk defa yapıldığı düşünülmektedir. Kaleler VII. Yüzyılda Kimmerlerin istilasından sonra yeniden onarılmıştır. VI. yüzyılda Pers hakimiyetine geçen şehir Pontus Kırallığının önemli bir merkezi olmuş, surlar IV. Mitritathes tarafından bugünkü sınırlarıyla onarılıp geliştirilmiştir. Romalılar ve Bizanslılar döneminde de devamlı onarım görmüştür. 1214 ve 1261 yıllarında Selçukluların eline geçen kale yeniden onarılarak savunmayı güçlendirmek amacıyla iç kale oluşturulmuştur. Sinop şehir surları yarım adanın en dar olan boyun kısmını tamamen çevrelemektedir. Kuzey surları 1800 m. güney surları 400 m. doğu surları 500 m. batı surları 273 m. olmak üzere toplam sur uzunluğu 2973 m.'dir. Sur kalınlığı 8 m. olupyüksekliği 25-30 m. arasında değişir. Evliya Çelebi seyahatnamesinde Kumkapı, Tersane kapı, Yenice kapısı, Tabakhane kapısı, Lonca kapısı ve Deniz kapısından bahseder. Günümüze kadar Kumkapı ve lonca kapısı ayakta kalmıştır. Kuzey surları denizin etkisiyle çok yıpranmıştır. Selçuklular döneminde iç kale 1877 tarihinden itibaren hapishane olarak kullanılmaktadır. 06 Aralık 1997 tarihinde cezaevi yeni hizmet binasına taşınmıştır.

    Sinop’taki Turistik Alanlar
    Akliman Yöresi: Şehrin batısındadır. Kent merkezine 9 km.uzaklıktadır. Kilometrelerce uzunluğunda ve 15-20 metre genişliğinde bir şerit gibi uzanan kumsalı vardır. Millî Parklar Başmühendisliğince düzenlenen Akliman Piknik alanı, her türlü ihtiyaca cevap verecek niteliktedir. Piknik alanında ormanla deniz içiçedir.
    Hamsilos Koyu:Yemyeşil ormanı, denizin bir nehir gibi kara içine girdiği Hamsilos Koyu ve civarı bir doğa harikasdır. İl merkezine ll Km. uzaklıktadır.
    Akliman-Hamsilos yöresi Kültür Bakanlığı tarafından 1991 yılında 1.derecede Doğal Sit alanı ilan edilmiştir.

    Mobil Ve Korucuk Köyü Mevkiileri: Sakin denizi ve tertemiz kumsalları vardır. Bakanlığımızdan Belgeli tesisler restaurantlar, kamp ve karavan yerleriyle geniş bir hizmet alanı sağlamıştır. İl Turizminin en yoğun olduğu çevredir.

    Sarıkum: Deniz, orman ve göl ve çöl bir aradadır. Çeşitli av hayvanları vardır. Orman Genel Müdürlüğünce Tabiatı Koruma Alanı ilan edilmiştir. İl Merkezine 21 Km.uzaklıktadır.
    Karakum: İl Merkezine 2 Km.uzaklıktadır. Sinop Yarımadası’nı çevreleyen yol üzerindedir. Adını ince simsiyah volkanik kumundan almıştır.
    Kamu ve özel kişilere ait otel, tatil köyü, kafe, restaurant, bungalow tipi evler, karavan ve çadır yerleri bulunmaktadır.
    Tarihsel Ve Kültürel Çevre: Birçok medeniyetlerin gelip geçtiği Sinop’ta tarihi, kültürel ve arkeolojik değerlerle tabii güzellikleri bir arada görmek mümkündür.

    Sinop Müzesi:Şehrin Merkezinde bulunmaktadır. Sinop kazılarında ve çevresinde bulunan eserler sergilenmektedir. Müzede Prehistorik, Herenistik, Roma, Bizans, Etnografik eserler ile Sinop çevresinde toplanmış ikonalar bulunmaktadır.

    Sinop Kalesi: M.Ö.7.yy.da şehri korumak amacıyla yarımada’nın üzerinde kurulmuştur. Roma,Bizans ve Selçuklular döneminde onarılarak kullanılmıştır. Günümüzde bir bölümü hala ihtişamını korumaktadır. 2050 m. Uzunluğu, 25 m. Yüksekliği, 3 m. Genişliği ve iki ana giriş kapısı bulunmaktadır.
    Balatlar Kilisesi:Roma çağında tiyatro ya da hamam olarak kullanıldığı düşünülen bu yapı, 7.yy.da Bizanslılar tarafından kilise olarak kullanılmaya başlanmıştır. İç kısmındaki fresklerin bir bölümü durmaktadır. Mülkiyeti özel şahsa ait arazide bulunmaktadır.

    Alaaddin Camii:
    Sinop’un fethinden hemen sonra yapılmıştır. Selçuklu dönemi eseridir. Büyük bir avlunun güneyinde yer alır. Dikdörtgen planlı olup, beş kubbelidir. Avlunun ortasında bir şadırvan, bir köşede de İsfendiyar oğulları’nın türbeleri bulunmaktadır.

    Paşa Tabyası
    Sinop yarımadası’nın güney doğusunda l9.yy.da Osmanlı-Rus savaşları sırasında denizden gelen tehlikeleri önlemek amacıyla yapılmıştır. Yarı ay şeklindedir. 11 top yatağı, cephanelik ve mahzenlerden oluşmaktadır. Paşa Tabyası yeme içme tesisi olarak hizmete açılmış olup İlimiz turizmine hizmet vermektedir. Diğer bir tabya da Korucuk Tabyası’dır. Bu Tabya özel şahsın mülkiyeti içindedir.

    Eski Sinop Cezaevi - Eski Sinop Tersanesi:Cezaevinin bulunduğu alan Osmanlıların Karadeniz’deki en büyük tersanesiydi. Cezaevi iç kalenin içinde eski tersane alanında yapılmıştır. 1887 yılından beri cezaevi olarak kullanılmaya başlanmıştır. Etrafı yüksek kale bedenleriyle çevrilidir. Bu özelliğinden dolayı mahkumların kaçışını imkansız kılmıştır. Şu an müze olarak ziyarete açık olan mekanla ilgili olarak gerekli proje çalışmaları Kültür Bakanlığı tarafından devam attirilmektedir. 2001 yılında 100 bin kişi tarafından ziyaret edilmiştir

    Şehitlik: Sinop Müzesi bahçesinde olan şehitlik, 1853 Osmanlı-Rus Savaş’ında Sinop Limanı’nda şehit olan denizcilerimiz için yaptırılmıştır. Şehitliğin altında şehit denizcilerimizin kemikleri bulunmaktadır

  5. Zarafet
    In Sinop climate, cool summers, mild winters, South and inland climate of the Black Sea to the effect decreases as altitude decreases, precipitation decreases, the temperature drops. City, which is characteristic of the Black Sea climate, rainfall is frequent and rich forest vegetation has. Forests in both rich and varied.

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