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    TRABZON il Tanıtımı İngilizce

    TRABZON il Tanıtımı İngilizce

    Area: 4.685 km²

    Population: 795.849 (1990)

    Traffic Code: 61

    The modern city of Trabzon is the largest port along the Black Sea coast, and at beginning of Caucassia and Iran transit road. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there has been an influx of traders from the CIS, especially neighbouring Georgia, and the city is becoming more cosmopolitan.

    Trabzon is probably best remembered from the classic novel, “The Towers of Trebizond”, and many earlier pieces of travel literature, although little remains of the romanticised image of exotic culture and architecture. One of the highlights is Aya Sofia, the medieval church with outstanding Byzantine frescoes, the Russian Market and the old houses and mosques dotted around the town. Trabzon is a good transport hub from which to explore the Black Sea region.

    Discrits: Trabzon (center), Akçabaabat, Araklı, Arsin, Beşikdüzü, Çarşıbaşı, Çaykara, Dernekpazarı, Düzköy, Hayrat, Köprübaşı, Maçka, Of, Sürmene, Şalpazarı, Tonya, Vakfıkebir, Yomra.

    How to Get

    By Road: The main bus station is 3km east of the port, although many buses will drop passengers off closer to the city. Regular services include Istanbul (18 hours), Erzurum (6 hours), Ankara (12 hours), Artvin (4½ hours) and Van (17 hours). There are daily buses to Georgia, to Tblisi (10 hours) and Batumi (4 hours).

    Bus station Tel: (0462) 325 2343, 325 2081.

    By Air: Trabzon airport is the largest in the region, 8km east of the city centre, with several daily direct flights from Ankara and Istanbul, some which connect with flights from Izmir and Antalya. Minibuses and Havas buses operate services between the airport and city.

    Airport Tel: (0462) 325 7080, 321 3446. Fax: 325 7080

    By Sea: There is a weekly car-ferry from Istanbul (41 hours) leaving Istanbul on Mondays, and making the return journey on Wednesdays. It is also possible to use this ferry for the shorter journeys between Rize and Samsun. In the summer, there are four ferries a week, plus daily catamarans from Sochi in Russia. The port is on the eastern side of the city centre.

    Turkish Maritime Lines: (0462) 321 1156-57

    Where to Visit


    Situated in a small pine grove in the Soguksu area, this mansion was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and belonged to Greek banker Karayannidhis, who was forced to abandon it 20 years later. Ataturk stayed here in 1924, 1934 and 1937 during his visits to Trabzon, and it was formally presented to him a year before his death. It was then decorated with furniture and décor from that period, filled with photographs of the leader and opened by the city’s municipality as Ataturk Museum. It is still an impressive building, set in immaculate gardens, and there are regular buses running the 7km from the city centre.


    This Greek Orthodox monastery was constructed within a cavern in the middle of a steep slope above dense forests, and lies 45km south of Trabzon. This was the most important of many monasteries built in the area during the Byzantine era and the best preserved, even after it was abandoned in 1923 when the Turkish Republic was created. Several years later one of the monks discovered treasures - including the famous icon said to have been painted by St Luke and responsible for several miracles. Recent restorations have enhanced the quality of the different chapels, some of which contain frescoes dating back to the 9th century.

    Its setting is within Altindere national park, with thick forests, streams and trout farms, making it a popular excursion especially for locals at weekends. There are private bus tours from Trabzon, and it is also possible by minibus or shared taxi.

    Sümela Monastery (Religion Tours)

    Büyük İmaret Mosque (Hatuniye / Ayşe - Gülbahar Hatun Mosque-Center): The mosque was constructed in the name of the mother of Yavuz Sultan Selim, Ayşe - Gülbahar Hatun in 1514 inside a Külliye complex near Zagnos Bridge. This mosque holds a special place among the other Turkish Creations in Trabzon. The mosque enters into the group of “mosques with lodges of dervishes” that form a separate plan type in the early period Ottoman Architecture. The “courtyard” which is almost always encountered in the mosques with lodges of dervishes is not present in this mosque. The stonemasonry of the walls are important. The minaret located at the west side is in the classical Ottoman minaret style.

    Fatih Mosque (Ortahisar Mosque - Panaghia Chrysocephalos Church-Center): The structure is known as the major church of Trabzon and is located in the Ortahisar quarter. It is assumed that the church was constructed over the ruins of an ancient Roman temple by Hanmibalianos, the nephew of Roman Emperor Constantin (A.D. 325 - 364).
    The church is known as "the Cathedral of the Comnens " and as a depiction to the Mother Mary, it was named as the "Goldenhead". The reason for naming the church with the name “Goldenhead” is that in painting of the Mother Mary which is located on the apsis shaped semi-circle, the moiré of Mother Mary is coated with gold. After the conquest of Trabzon by Turkish forces in 1461 the structure was transformed into a mosque. Some of the researchers compare the church with the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul..

    Çarşı Mosque (Center): This mosque is located in the Kemeraltı Çarşı quarter and is the biggest mosque of Trabzon province. The mosque was constructed by one of the governors of Trabzon Hazinedarzade Osman Pasha in 1839. The marvelous stonemasonry of the structure is attractive.

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