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    Yalova ili ingilizce tanıtımı

    Yalova ili ingilizce tanıtımı

    Yalova is a city located in northwestern Turkey, on the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara, and is the capital of the Yalova Province. Yalova has a city population of 70,858, while the population of the Yalova Province is 188,440.


    In general, it is assumed that the name "Yalova" comes from "Yalıova", which means "plain at the coast." The word "yalı" originates from the Greek yiáli γιαλή (mod. γιαλός), which literally means seashore or beach; while "ova" means plain in Turkish.


    The first settlement in the region dates back to the Prehistoric Period, in around 3000 BC. The Hittites ruled the region in the 2000s BC, followed by the Phrygians in the 1200s BC. The region was conquered by the Romans in 74 BC. Following the division of the Roman Empire in 395, the region of Yalova remained under the sovereignty of the Byzantine Empire. In 1302, Yalova was incorporated into the territory of the Ottoman Empire.

    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk occasionally lived in Yalova in his final years. In one of his speeches he famously said "Yalova is my city."

    Things to see

    Yalova has a number of tourist attractions, such as the köşk (Ottoman-Turkish style mansion) used by Atatürk during his visits to the city, and of course, its famous hot springs in Termal, which gets its name from the Latin word thermae.

    Twin cities

    Yalova is twinned with the city of Bonn in Germany

  2. Zarafet

    Ataturk House Museum: Yalova Atatürk came to him for various reasons Baltacı Farm has been allocated in the pavilion, pavilion was built in the then National Farm. Replace and his friends as chosen by the Ataturk House group located in the Ataturk House is a very short period of completion and a Atatürk House not constitute the önlemlidir.cumhuriyet period of architects of the early examples, one building, built in 1929 and used during belongings and have survived. The mansion's garden as a place where Atatürk chatted with citizens has gained importance.

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