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    İngilizce Biyografiler / Helen Churchill Candee Biography (1861-1949)

    İngilizce Biyografiler / Helen Churchill Candee Biography (1861-1949)

    Helen Churchill Candee ingilizce hayatı
    Helen Churchill Candee (October 5, 1858 – August 23, 1949) was an Americanauthor, journalist, interior decorator, feminist and geographer. Today she is best known as a survivor of the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 and for her later work as a travel writer and explorer of southeast Asia.

    Early life

    Helen was born Helen Churchill Hungerford, the daughter of New York City merchant Henry Hungerford and his wife Mary Churchill. She spent most of her childhood in Connecticut. She married Edward Candee of Norwalk, Connecticut, and had two children by him, Edith and Harold.[1] After her abusive husband abandoned the family, Helen Candee supported herself and children as a writer for popular magazines such as Scribner's and TheLadies' Home Journal. She initially wrote on the subjects most familiar to her—genteel etiquette and household management—but soon branched into other topics such as child care, education, and women's rights. For several years she resided in Oklahoma, and her stories about that region helped to catapult her to national prominence as a journalist. Helen Candee divorced her husband in 1896, after a lengthy separation.[2]

    Candee was a strong feminist,[3] as evidenced by her best-selling first book, How Women May Earn a Living (1900). Her second book, An Oklahoma Romance (1901), was a novel that promoted the possibilities of settlement in Oklahoma Territory.[4]An established literary figure, Candee moved to Washington, DC, where she became one of the first professional interior decorators. Her clients included then Secretary of War Henry Stimson and President Theodore Roosevelt. Candee's book, Decorative Styles and Periods (1906), embodied her principles of design: careful historical research and absolute authenticity.While in Washington, Candee also pursued an active social life, serving on many civic boards, and involving herself in Democratic politics. Yet her friends were a varied lot, from liberal reformerWilliam Jennings Bryan to ultra-conservative First Lady Helen Herron Taft. Her friendship with the Tafts was long-standing, despite their differing opinions on women's rights. She was also close with President Theodore Roosevelt and his wife; two of Candee's most important decorating commissions came from the Roosevelts, the first (in 1907) being the selection of a pair of Louis XVIchairs for the First Lady, the other a general consultancy in partnership with architect Nathan C. Wyeth for a remodeling of the White House's West Wing (in 1909).[5]Candee was a trustee for the Corcoran Gallery of Art, a member of both the Archeological Society and the American Federation of Arts, and was on the board of the Washington chapter of theNational Woman Suffrage Association.In her early years as a journalist, Candee wrote fiction for traditional women's interest magazines like Harper's Bazaar, Woman's Home Companion, The Ladies' Home Journal and Good Housekeeping. Her later articles, focusing on design, art and culture, appeared in American Homes, International Studio and the American Magazine of Art. Helen Candee also contributed to many of the leading literary and political journals of the day: Atlantic Monthly, The Century, Metropolitan, Scribner's and Forum.She wrote eight books –– four were on the decorative arts, two were travelogues, one instructional, one fiction. Candee's biggest seller was The Tapestry Book (1912) which went into many editions.Helen was traveling in Europe in the spring of 1912, completing research for The Tapestry Book, when she received a telegram from her daughter, Edith, informing her that her son, Harold ("Harry"), had been injured in an automobile accident.
    Aboard the Titanic

    Candee hurriedly booked passage home on the new luxury ocean liner, Titanic. On the voyage, she socialized with other prominent travelers, such as President Taft's military aide, MajorArchibald Butt, and the painter Francis Davis Millet.
    Candee was able to board lifeboat 6 but fell and fractured her ankle in the process.
    Later life

    Candee subsequently gave a short interview about her experiences to the Washington Herald and wrote a detailed article on the disaster for Collier's Weekly.[6] This cover story was one of the first in-depth eyewitness accounts of the sinking published in a major magazine. The article hinted at a romantic involvement with an unidentified male passenger, believed to be an amalgam of two of her escorts en route, New York architect Edward Austin Kent and London investor Hugh Woolner.[7]Candee's Titanic injury required her to walk with a cane for almost a year but by March 1913 she was able to join other feminist equestriennes in the "Votes for Women" parade downPennsylvania Avenue, riding her horse at the head of the procession that culminated at the steps of Capitol Hill.

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