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  1. Hozukcan
    Devamlı Üye

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    İngilizce Şiirler - İngilizce Aşk Şiirleri

    Powerful Words

    the power in your words is great
    for with one word you can reverse
    the emotions that build inside
    and with one more you can immerse
    my heart in all the love you have
    if you decide to add one more
    my will shall break and i'll be yours
    just waiting for your wish to be
    the force that drives me through each day
    but do not feel that this is wrong
    for it is i who loves you so
    that just one word affects me thus
    i shall follow you til the end
    and after that i will still go
    along with you my love i know


    genesis within the dark
    The world is still so small and wet
    The land is raised out of water
    And God agrees that it is good

    A struggle to survive turmoil
    Just make it through and you are met
    With light that shines upon the world
    Again God sees that it is good

    How sad it is that you can't see
    Your're blind and still you do not fret
    And now you get the gift of sight
    From God who knows that it is good

    Before to long you start to crawl
    And like a cripple you can bet
    His grace will raise you up to walk
    The crowds exalt for this is good

    So soon you start to read and learn
    Then speak for him to pay your debt
    Just like the disciple you are
    You spread The Word you know is good

    The Devil hears your words each day
    And tempts you with his evil pets
    You place your trust in God alone
    He sees you through and you're still good

    Upon your face appears a mark

    A Wink

    If I give you a wink
    It is to let you know
    The thoughts I have of you
    I should not give to voice
    One thing I want for sure
    Is to press my lips to yours
    And then to wrap my arms
    Around your waist so tight
    To feel you pressed to me
    But even though I want
    To tell you all of this
    I do not voice my mind
    Instead I give a wink

    A Short Diddy

    In the darkness of the night
    While all the world was sleeping
    When there were two things of tongue
    And three things each of glory

    Knowledge Of Love

    My love for you grows
    As surely as the sun rose
    This morning. I know

    Devamlı Üye

    The day will come HANIMI KAMER
    Youth will consider
    The heart will shrink slightly
    Will go towards the kitchen

    Claps egg tray
    Stop hair will solve
    To boiling syrup in a corner
    Memories will gather

    And spreads the smell of cake in the kitchen
    He will stretch figuring
    Take a plate off the shelf
    He liked me to be the true HACİVAT

    The day will come HANIMI KAMER
    Longitudinal cake to cook

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