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Türkçe ve Yabancı Diller ve English Forum Forumunda Some Any, Much Many, A lot of Alıştırmalar Konusunu Okuyorsunuz..
  1. HAYAT
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    Some Any, Much Many, A lot of Alıştırmalar

    Some Any, Much Many, A lot of Alıştırmalar

    A / AN - SOME / ANY – MUCH / MANY – A LOT OF
    Melekler Mekanı - Some Any, Much Many, A lot of Alıştırmalar
    A. Write “some - any”
    1. I need a hammer and _________nails.
    2. He does not want ________ help.
    3. There are ________sheep in the garden.
    4. Do you know ________famous people?
    5. They often invite ________ friends to their home.
    6. Do you have _______ idea what they are doing there?
    7. Charlie doesn't have _______pets.
    8. My little brother already knows ________ words in English.
    9. My mum doesn't speak ________ foreign languages.
    10. I have ________sweets for you.
    11. Are there _______ apples in the basket?
    12. Do you want _______ biscuits with your tea?

    B. Underline the correct form.
    1. I don’t have much / many money today.
    2. I eat much / a lot of fruit.
    3. They don’t seem to have much / many free time these days.
    4. A: How much / many meat do you eat? B: None / Any. I’m a vegetarian.
    5. A : Does he show much / many interest in sports ?
    B : Yes, a lot / a lot of
    6. There aren’t many / much huge buildings and traffic problems in the small cities so there is no / any stress there.
    7. How many / How much time do you have?
    8. How many / How much days do you have?
    9. A: Do you like the musical? B: Quite lot of / Quite a lot.
    10. My mother didn’t buy some / any bread yesterday.
    11. There aren’t many / much bottles of milk in the fridge.
    12. Would you like some / any orange juice?
    13. There are a lot / a lot of people trying to go to the U2 concert this weekend
    14. A: How much / many flour do you have? B: Not much / Not many.

    C. Write “a/ an, some, any”
    1. ‘I’m a vegetarian. I don’t want __________ meat.’
    2. ‘I can make __________ pasta tomorrow evening.’
    3. We can’t have an omelette. There aren’t __________eggs.
    4. A: Can I have some toast, please? B: Sorry. There isn’t__________ bread.
    5. ‘There’s __________ pineapple in the fridge.’
    6. A: I’m hungry. B: Do you want __________orange?
    7. I need ______ cartoon of milk.
    8. We don’t have ______ wine but we have ________ beer.
    9. There is _____ egg and ______ butter.
    10. Would you like to eat _______ grapes?

    Answer Key:

    1 some 2 any 3 some 4 any 5 some 6 any 7 any 8 some 9 any 10 some 11 any 12 some

    B. (Doğru olanın altını çizin)
    1 much 2 a lot of 3 much 4 much / none 5 much / a lot 6 many / no 7 how much
    8 how many 9 Quite a lot 10 any 11 many 12 some 13 a lot of 14 much / not much

    1 any 2 some 3 any 4 any 5 a 6 an 7 a 8 any / some 9 an / some 10 some

  2. Nesrin
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    Türkçe dilin de nasıl dil bilgisi var ise ingilizce de de gramer vardır. burada da zamanları zarfları fiilleri ve de isimleri öğreniriz. ve bunların hepsinin kurallarını iyi bilmemiz gerekir çünkü bazen türkçeden farklılık göstermektedir.

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