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    What are the proofs of the existence of God?

    What are the proofs of the existence of God?
    Realise the proof, absent proof of always easier. There is an apple on the earth of the genus, shows a single apple can prove. However, the absence of anyone who claims to all the earth, and even around the universe, only then can prove its absence. This is a challenge worldwide is impossibility. So we can say, no, no you can not prove

    999 open the gates of a palace, one of which is turned off, no one can claim that the palace girilemeyeceğini. That denial, which he constantly closed door, into a single show whether you like it. In fact, that door, the curtains drawn the eyes of those who like him because of that denial, and closed their mental worlds. There is no closed door for Belinda. As they get close your eyes! 999 already is public. It's so wide

    Here are a few of the doors and proofs:

    Evidence Possibility: Possibility, in case something will have to be equal with the lack of means. In daily conversation may not be possible in the meaning of saying thank caste. The fact that every entity created us out: My olmamla was not equal. If I am right now, is there anyone there who prefer to stay with me to be in times of need. He is the only Allahtır.

    Hudus evidence: Hudus, later to be. The biggest evidence of Hudusun changes. If you have an asset change, this movement will be a first point. That point of course being something that had never before. While in times of need there will be that it can not yet self-existence of God and the power of this creation are realized according to yetiremeyeceğine. Shift towards continuous absence of the substance according to the law of thermodynamics, non-stop expansion of the universe, the sun's rapid extinction events such as the right path to take, since it shows that being a world.

    Art of: from atom to human, the whole universe as galaxies cells, thin and seems to have an amazing art. Yes, a deal with a universe from scratch, each work has the following properties:
    • Great art is the value.
    • Very valuable.
    • Very short time and are very easy.
    • are a large number.
    • Mixed types and varieties.
    • continuous.

    However, as soon as possible, a large number of jobs made easy, and art and assets should not be mixed. However, the Allah (SWT), if, then everything changes and opposites can come together ..

    Suppose that speed and Teselsülün: Suppose that the era following misalle explained. Ask the man who claims that a chicken egg. Who did the chicken? On the other hand it shows that out of the egg. Accordingly, we remove the chicken egg break, egg is done. Suppose this is. Joint liability in case of the first chain to the point that something is going to ask who did it first by the presence of a method of proving the existence of God. So this was the fruit on the tree, he was a former fruit, and he is a former wood. Thus, the first fruit or until it reaches the first tree and ask: Who created this, he.

    Quran is very different from the way transfers and sequenced. Who did the egg? Or who was it the fruit? The answer to the question directly, "God has created," he will receive a response. Knowledge, willpower, compassion, mercy is not regarded as a portion, of people know, wisdom, art that does not understand the reasons (the chicken and the tree) is proof that the result in the creation of any effects. Thus, evidence does not require speed or sequenced.

    Wisdom and evidence of goal: a goal each his own existence, a purpose, was followed by an eye for anything çarpmakta and aimlessness, and waste be considered absurd in any case are not observed. However, what the world of matter, what in the world of plants and animals, is not present, nor things and events which consciousness and perception that this goal TO BE follow-up range. If so, the functioning of the universe and the wisdom of this conscious and lead to their goals, but have kept a reasonable etmekle can be attributed to God.

    Assistance evidence: to rescue the land of rain, the sun's eyes koşmalarından assistance, to cleanse the blood of the air in this world is brimming with a solidarity movement almost. The parties recognize each other, this aid, so do not know if this is not possible to give compassionate reasons the execution.

    Clean: universe nezafet and cleaning, as an evidence in itself, a Zat'ı müsemma us the name of Cases (cc) is described. Soil-cleaning bacteria, insects, ants and many birds of prey, wind, rain and snow, glaciers and sea fish; planet atmosphere, in space, black holes, in our house that cleans our blood oxygen and saving souls spiritual woes breezes, and it always gives notice of the name the name of Kuddusi verasındaki Zat-i shows the Bible.

    Faces: Any feature of a human being, past the billions of people before him to the finest details, none exactly alike. This rule, apply equally to come after him. A cihette identical, to a tiny area of the official draw billions of other cihette separately, and then be able to be like them, everything in the infinite possibilities and ways to allocate billions in the image of a road and into a shape, of course, and of course, all created by the presence, as well as ever who knows and he wants to avoid, as well as in a closed form of the asset to oversee the power and wisdom of Almighty sufficient strength to announce a declaration of even the most deaf ears.

    Evidence Fıtrat and Conscience: evidence and countless signs of Allah recognition of human creation, fıtratında available. A few examples of them: God always wants to know human fıtratı and conscience of every blessing. Gained a prophet and Allah does not guide ermişse şükrünü. Otherwise mâbutlara superstitious worship. This takes place urging people to worship the human conscience. A sense of appreciation of the beauty of the human fıtratında available. Exhibitions, trade fairs take place with this feeling. As part of this human creation, the stars on display in the following diagram on the floor, his face showing the size flowers, trees, forests filled lions, lions, sea and watch the fish in them are fused has to appreciate the excellence of divine art.

    History: Born religions tells us that humanity, atheistic undergone any transfer. Superstitious, even ridiculous, even in a religion that believed in almost every era and was followed by a moral system. Fıtratına believe God has a sense of human and human to Him (God) is obliged to believe.

    Koran: Qur'an Kelamullah all the evidence that prove that, at the same time will prove the existence of Almighty oversee condition. There is evidence that hundreds of the Koran the word of God. These are the Koran and Islamic sources relevant to the finest details, are available. All this evidence off their tongues, "has God" they say.

    Prophets: Prophets and Messengers, especially The Lord of the Two Cihan Serveri'nin (pbuh) prophethood of all the evidence that prove, again, should be included in the evidence about the Almighty Haqq. Because the goal of the assets of the Prophets, Tawhid, ie the existence and oneness of God is proclaimed. So, every prophet that prove their prophethood of all the evidence, at the same time, the evidence is the presence of Almighty Haqq. A prophet who said the prophet deserves all the evidence, the same force, a force even more than that "there is God, and one that takes," he says.

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