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    City Guide Adıyaman

    City Guide Adıyaman


    Area: 7.614 km²

    Population: 623.811 (2000)

    Traffic Code: 02

    Located at the west of Southeastern Anatolia Region, taking ıts stage in history rather early dating back to the existence of first man and hosting various different cultures ,Adıyaman is an important culture and tourism center. Along with this, Adıyaman is known to be one of the oldest settlements on Earth; discoveries from every human phase are found on the region. Adıyaman also fascinates its visitors with the ruins of Mt. Nemrut known as the 8th Wonder of World, the ruins of Commagene, Atatürk Dam ,the fourth biggest dam in the world, Çamgazi Dam, Winter Camping Organisation and finally with the world champion local folk dances.

    Districts: Besni, Çelikhan, Gerger, Gölbaşı, Kahta, Samsat, Sincık and Tut

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    How to Get

    Highway: Adıyaman can be reached through the five different directions by highway from Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş and Diyarbakır.

    Gölbaşı County in Adıyaman is an exact intersection place, Malatya Kahramanmaraş - Gaziantep highway arrival is possible only through Gölbaşı .
    Coach station Tel : (+90-416) 216 35 35

    Railway: Also Railway arrival is provided by Gölbaşı county, Malatya - Fevzi Pasha railway passes through this county.
    Railway station Tel : (+90-416) 781 60 80

    Airway: Regular flights are present to Adıyaman airport.
    Airport Tel : (+90-416) 244 20 02

    Dam arrrival: The high way that passes through Adıyaman binds all southeastern cities including Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır. There are also ferry boat tours in Güzelsu village to reach Şanlıurfa and Siverek.

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    Ancient Cities

    Arsameia Ruins (Nymphaios Arsameia): It is understood from the Inscriptions of King Antiochos I, that Arsameia was built in the first quarter of the Second Century BC, by the order of Arsemez (ancestor of Commagene) at the east of Kahta River, facing the Old Kahta Castle . It was the summer capital and the administrative centre of the Kingdom.

    On the east ceremony way an embossed relief of Mithradates, above the rite platform , displays Herakles shaking hands with Mithradates. In front of the rite platform is an inscription in Greek known as the biggest inscription found in Anatolia. A tunnel beginning at the front of the inscription deep in to 158 meter and also at the west of the inscription a similar rocky vestibule exists. Tomb temple and Palace of Mithradates Callinichos take place on the platform. Arsameia ruins are 60 km to Adıyaman.

    New Castle: New Castle is located nearby Kocahisar Village which is 60 km to Adıyaman. New Castle was built by the Commagenes and used together with Arsemeia. Romans and Mamluks restored the Castle and finally in 1970's the castle was partly repaired. In the castle are a bazaar, a Mosque, a dungeon, water canals, ruins of pigeon loft and inscriptions . A water canal flawing from the castle down through to Nymphois was bound to Arsameia by a tunnel. It is still possible to reach the water through the water canal which has an 80 meter length.

    Derik Castle: It was built on a hill of 1400 m altitude near the Datgeli village on the Sincik Highway. Estimated to be built by Roman Empire in 70 AC, and used by them till 300 AC, the castle, houses a huge temple and is known as the holy place of the region. Besides, the ruins of Temenos which were built during the period of Commagenes, are placed nearby the castle.

    Gerger Castle (Arsameia of Euphrates): The castle is located in the west shore of Euphrates (Fırat) , 85 km to Adıyaman's Kahta County, can even be dated to Late Hittite Period. The castle was constructed by Arsames, the ancestor of Commagenes. Being built on precipitous rocks,the Gerger Castle is divided into two sections as the lower castle and upper castle and at the west walls of the castle is an embossed relief of King Samos.In the Castle which is also used during Islamic period are shops, a Mosque and water cisterns.

    Perre Antique City: The ruins of Perre Antique City are located 5 kilometres to Adıyaman city centre. The ruins are remained in Pirin Village, include approximately 200 cave tombs and a settlement place. This necropolis and its vicinity dated at Antique Age, was an important settlement place of the Commagene period, however especially during Roman Period it became a developed city. The ruins consist of gates decorated with embossed reliefs and tomb rooms that are engraved in rocks and connected to each other .

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