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    City Guide Afyon

    City Guide Afyon


    Afyonkarahisar is located on an intersection which connects north to south, west to east. Town is a potential tourism centre with its rich historical background.

    How to Get

    Highway and railway facilities are available.

    Coach Station Tel : (+90-272) 212 09 63
    Railway station Tel : (+90-272) 2l3 79 l9

    Ancient cities

    İhsaniye Ayazini Town (Metropolis) Ayazini town can be reached by turning right and getting 4.7 kilometre from the 27th km of Afyon-Eskişehir Highway. It is known to be used as a settlement since the Phyrigian period. Cave tomb rooms made for singles or families dated at Roman and Byzantine Periods, churches of Byzantine period and cave settlements are all engraved on rock due to the suitability of the land. Tomb rooms with lions and tomb rooms with columns moreover churches and chapels that are engraved on rock can be seen in the ancient city.

    İhsaniye Döğer Settlement Located at 12 km from İhsaniye and known to be used as a settlement since Phyrigians. Lion rock, Gate Rock I and II and the rock monuments built in the 7th Century BC, in the name of Goddess Cybele has the quality of being an open-air temple. Moreover, Phyrigian settlements are located in Asar and Old Döğer. Various cave settlements , tomb rooms and churches dated at Roman and Byzantine Period can be visited in the ancient settlement.

    Synnada Located at Şuhut town centre , Synnada is a huge city which was once the capital of central Phyrig during Roman and Byzantine Periods.

    Apameia Located in Dinar , the previous name of Apameia was Keleneia. In ancient times it was known to be the second biggest city after Efes.

    Docimeium Located at İscehisar town centre, the city was built by Macedonians.

    Amorium Located at Hisarköy Village the history of the city can be traced to Late Bronze Age. The city was called as Aura in the Period of Hittites and as Amorium in the Classic Age.

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    Pentapolis Cities

    Bruzus Located in Karasandıklı Village, it is one of the five cities that are called as Pentapolis. It is located at the north of other cities.

    Eucarpeia Located at Emirhisar village in Sandıklı , Eucarpeia is one of the five Pentapolis cities

    Hieropolis Located at Koçhisar village in Sandıklı ,Hierpolis is one of the Pentapolis cities. At the same time, the city was the centre of the Phrygia Salutaris (Curative Phrygia). Also it was named as the "Holy City".

    Otrus Being one of the Pentapolis cities, Otrus was built in Yanıkören village.

    Stectorıum Being one of the Pentapolis cities, it was built in Menteş town, Sandıklı district.

    Ococleia Located in Karacaören village, Şuhut district. The city with its partly autonomous status during Roman Period, minted bronze coins in the name of the Emperor collectively with Bruzus City.

    Lysias Located in Arızlı village, Şuhut.

    Metropolis Founded at Tatarlı town in Dinar district; it is known as Campus Metropolitanus or Phrygia Metropolis.

    Cidyessus Located at Küçükhöyük town Sincanlı district nearby Höyük locality.

    Prymnessus It is one of the great cities that was founded by the Phyrigians in Sülün Village Merkez district. Moreover, the huge sized Hercules statue taking place in this ancient city is exhibited in Afyon Archaeology Museum.

    Sanaus founded at Sarıkavak village, Dazkırı district.

    Archeological Places

    Göynüş Valley Open Air Temple It is located at Kayıhan quarter in İhsaniye county.One can reach the Temple through turning left and going 1,5 km from the 32nd km. of Afyon-Eskişehir Highway. In the valley, Göynüş Citadel, Aslantaş and Yılantaş tomb rooms that has embossed lion figures, Maltaş Cybele Open Air Temple can be visited.

    Sarıçayır(Selimiye) Rock Tombs Upon the rocky territory around Sarıçayır village İscehisar county, engraved single- family tomb rooms , tombs and shelters dated at Byzantine Period.

    Şuhut - Bininler Rocky Places Located at 6 km west of Şuhut, Bininler is a rocky territory near Senir village.The Settlement contains animal barns and residences for people.On the lower foot of the rocky territory, which is in reality a Byzantine settlement, the remains of Byzantine church and monastery still exists. Moreover ,there are covered tombs from Late Roman Period that are engraved on rocks.

    Bolvadin - Kemerrock Seven Gate Rock Settlement Place: Located on Bolvadin-Emirdağ Highway, 3 km north of Bolvadin Kemerkaya. As a result of the excavations, a complex building group that are estimated to be possible military garrison or administrative buildings engraved on rocks and some parts of Underground City that is used as a shelter by people . Excavations about the settlements dating back to the Late Roman and Early Byzantine periods are still in progress.

    Bolvadin - Kırkgöz (Forty eyes) Bridge The bridge is located in Bolvadin district, on Akarçay which flows to Eber Lake. The bridge consists of two parts as north and south.The South part of the bridge is constructed by Byzantine Emperor Manuel Kommen I with marble and chipped basalt stones. On the other hand, the northern part of the bridge is built by Mimar Sinan. He enhanced arches to 64 and added a small mosque and inscription .

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