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Türkçe ve Yabancı Diller ve English Forum Forumunda Genel gramer testleri ve cevapları Konusunu Okuyorsunuz..
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    Genel gramer testleri ve cevapları

    Genel gramer testleri ve cevapları

    1) China supports the UN and other international organizations in
    playing pivotal roles in coping with terrorism and other non-
    traditional security Problems.__________, Britain holds a unique
    position in the international arena.
    A) While
    B) Now that
    C) Due to the fact that
    D) On the other hand
    E) Owing to
    2) Al Capone left school in the sixth grade aged 14, after
    __________for punching a teacher at Public School 133.
    A) had expelled B) being expelled C) have expelled
    D) were
    E) to be
    3) Telephones instead were leased in pairs to the
    subscriber,_________had to arrange telegraph contractors to
    construct a line between them, for example between his home
    and his shop
    A) who
    B) that
    C) at which
    D) whose
    E) why
    4) _________________that refers to structures and processes used
    for temporarily storing and manipulating information
    A) In order to overcome the limitation of short-term memory
    B) Whether the information held in short-term memory is
    C) Working memory might also just as well be
    D) Working memory is a theoretical framework
    E) As long as the ability to recall words in order depends
    5) It is a well-known fact that Gutenberg was the first ________the
    concept for printing uses.
    A) had converted
    B) to convert
    C) converted
    D) have converted
    E) had been converted
    6) Science fiction -abbreviated SF or sci-fi with varying punctuation
    and case- is a broad genre of fiction ____
    A) that often involves speculations based on current or future science
    or technology.
    B) what has taken people’s attraction for many years
    C) is found in books, art, television, movies, games, theater, and other
    D) on account of the fact that involves one or more of the elements.
    E) while fairy tales used to take more interest in the early 90s
    7) Diesel is produced from petroleum, and is sometimes called
    petrodiesel when there is a need to distinguish it from diesel
    obtained from other sources____biodiesel, biomass to liquid (BTL)
    or gas to liquid (GTL).
    A) now that
    B) inspite of C) such as D) to illustrate E) as for
    Officer Russel Donrough got seriously injured after___twice in the
    face in the early morning hours of July 9.
    A) being shot
    B) shooting
    C) having shot
    D) had been shot
    E) to shoot
    9) Terry M. Chushak concluded the panel with___________
    A) whom he argued about the latest events
    B) to have been declared that he will resign soon
    C) due to the fact that he refused all suggestions
    D) one of which he mentioned earlier
    E) what he confessed was a radical departure from the presentation
    10) The poll discovered that the reporters, editors, producers and
    executives have ______trouble naming a “liberal” news outlet.
    A) several
    B) too many
    C) quite a few
    D) a great deal of
    E) very few
    11) Real hackers start their own IRC networks ____they can't be traced
    by the FBI.
    A) because
    B) due to C) so that
    D) hence
    E) in case
    12) The Parties of NATO agreed that an armed attack against one or
    more of them in Europe or North America ____________an attack
    against them all.
    A) will be considered
    B) would be considered
    C) considering
    D) had been considered
    E) must have considered
    13) Once the Russian armies_____ Eastern Europe and the Balkans
    from German rule, the USSR ______political and economic
    privileges in those quarters.
    A) had liberated / was achieving
    B) have liberated / had achieved
    C) liberating / to achieve
    D) had liberated / achieved
    E) will have liberated / has achieved

    14) _________ is that it comes just after the International Committee
    of the Red Cross took the unusual step of denouncing the
    junta's human rights abuses.
    A) What makes Gambari's rosy version of Myanmar's plight
    particularly far-fetched
    B) After recent visits to China, India and Japan
    C) On account of the fact that there are many concerns
    D) The junta's egregious violations of international law were
    E) If the Red Cross picture of those horrors is insufficient
    15) The concept of sending electronic text messages between parties
    in a way analogous to mailing letters or memos _______the
    creation of the Internet
    A) predate
    B) predates
    C) have predated
    D) had predated
    E) will have predated
    16) The concept of sending electronic text messages between parties
    in a way analogous to mailing letters or memos _________the
    creation of the Internet.
    A) predate
    B) predates
    C) have predated
    D) had predated
    E) will have predated
    17) Upon gaining independence in 1960, ___________
    A) The Organization for African Unity was founded by the
    leadership of Nigeria.
    B) It took many years for Europe to discover the investment
    opportunities in Nigeria.
    C) Other countries in Africa did not politically recognize the country.
    D) There have been internal affairs all over the land of Nigaria.
    E) Nigeria made the liberation and restoration of the dignity of
    18) ______the function of the story of Atlantis seems clear to most
    scholars, they dispute whether and how much Plato's account
    was inspired by older traditions
    A) In that
    B) Although
    C) That is
    D) However
    E) On no account of
    19) By the time Kennedy________to the presidency, the Eisenhower
    Administration _________a plan to overthrow the Fidel Castro
    regime in Cuba.
    A) was elected / had created
    B) elected / was creating
    C) had elected / created
    D) has been elected / had created
    E) would have elected / had created
    20) During the first half of the 20th century, a nationwide struggle for
    independence ____by the Indian National Congress, and later
    _____by the Muslim League
    A) have launched / joined
    B) had better launch / would join
    C) had launced/ was joining
    D) was launched / joined
    E) launch / had created
    21) NASA ______chemical rockets on its Ares V booster and Lunar
    Surface Access Module, being developed for a planned return to
    the Moon by 2021.
    A) will be used B) will have used C) has used
    D) will be using E) had used
    22) The designs _________throughout the years as mankind's
    knowledge about the Moon has grown, and as the technological
    possibilities _______.
    A) will evolve / changed
    B) evolved / have changed
    C) have evolved / have changed
    D) was evolving / should change
    E) will have evolved / to change
    23) The major effector of coffee is caffeine which has been shown to
    increase blood pressure and decreases insulin sensitivity._____,
    coffee consists of a number of other compounds which may have
    a protective effect in the cardiovascular system.
    A) Therefore B) Nevertheless C) Seeing that
    D) Moreover E) Whereas
    24) Though the youngest person ever elected U.S. president, ________
    A) the US senate had other members who are much younger.
    B) Kennedy was not the youngest ever to hold the office.
    C) People have always thought that Kennedy was the youngest of all.
    D) It has always been a matter of question what caused the
    assassination of Kennedy.
    E) the media in the US promoted Kennedy to be one of the youngest
    presidents ever in charge.
    25) The secretary of defence announced on Monday night that Mr.
    Rove ______Abramoff at a 1990s political meeting and
    considered the lobbyist a "casual acquaintance" since President
    Bush took office in 2001.
    A) remembered meeting
    B) remembered to meet
    C) had better remember
    D) must have remembered
    E) to remember
    26) It is vital that countries closely ______the effectiveness of
    artemisinin-based combination antimalarials for the treatment of
    A) have monitored B) will have monitored C) had monitored
    D) monitor
    E) are monitoring

    GENEL GRAMER TESTLERİ cevap anahtarı

    1) D 14) A

    2) B 15) B

    3) A 16) B

    4) D 17) E

    5) B 18) B

    6) A 19) A

    7) C 20) D

    A 21) B

    9) E 22) C

    10) D 23) B

    11) C 24) B

    12) A 25) A

    13) D 26) D

  2. Nesrin
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    İngilizce de grammer dediğimiz şey bizim türkçede işlediğimiz dil bilgisi demektir. yani onlarda da edat bağlaç zamir zarf fiil yazım yanlışları zamanlar gibi konulardır. nacka bu ingilizce grammer ile türkçe dil bilgisi arasınd farklr ve de benzerlikler bulunmaktadır.

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