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    Uyuşturucu Hakkında İngilizce Yazı Kompozisyon

    Uyuşturucu Hakkında İngilizce Yazı Kompozisyon

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    Drugs. What do we know about drugs? What do we imagine when we say this word? White powder or a young person, wiping out any possibility for his future to grow, killing himself slowly. Drugs came in our life and destroyed any relations between parents and children I say “any” because this is the word, defining exactly what happens when a child starts taking drugs. Ignorance. Ignorance from the rest of the world, living in a world with no real friends, no sun, no flowers, no stars, no tears or laughter^ no love. The only friend of the drug addict is the syringe. And nevertheless, there are people who manage to emerge from all this, to overcome their dependence from drugs and let their life change, continue, develop or whatever word you’re comfortable with. Why? Why there are so many drug addicts? Why does a child become a drug fiend? There are people, who are more probable to start taking drugs, than others. People, who are more responsible, stronger and are always “in charge” of their own problems, these people “never” take drugs, as they say themselves. These people are able to obey someone, to entice someone, to listen or act for someone, but to get what they want, to get the joy they want. But there are weak people, who have “closed” and ignored themselves from the rest of the reality, people who live in their own world. They are usually not willing to solve their problems by their own, so they find a “friend” who “helps” them. And all this, because you don’t need neither to obey, nor to allure the squirt. No, you just take it, and you get they joy you have been longing for so fervently, ignoring everything else around you. You get a false joy, and become unable to feel anything, as you try to get another dose before you have to spend too much of your precious time in reality..

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    Kompozisyon demek giriş gelilşme ve sonuç bölümlerinden oluşmuş ve her hangi konuda yazılmış olan yazıdır. bu yazı türünde konu fark etmez. bunun dışında diyelim ki uyuşturucu hakkında bir komposizyon yazacaksınız o zaman yapmanız gereken en iyi şey uyuştuucunun insanın sağlığına ve akıl sağlığına nasıl zararlar verdiği yazmak.

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