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    What is cellulite, what causes it to form and how can it be treated

    What is cellulite, what causes it to form and how can it be treated

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    Cellulite, edematous-fibro sclerotic panniculopathy, can occur in both genders. However, this condition known as cottage cheese skin is more dominate in the female population. It roughly affects about ninety percent of women. While cellulite is a common condition in women, it is not a result of being obese or overweight. Research proves that cellulite can occur in any body type. Cellulite can be found almost any where on the body. However, it is most common in the areas of the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. There are several factors that can cause cellulite to develop such as hormones, lifestyle habits, and age.

    In women, cellulite tends to develop during times of hormonal changes. These time periods include during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and during the first couple of months of birth control use. Cellulite is a result of a slow down in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, fat, and a breakdown of connective tissues. Hormones help to regulate the changes that occur within these processes. When there is a change in these processes, the appearance of bumpy, cottage cheese like, skin known as cellulite occurs.

    Certain lifestyle habits can cause cellulite to form. Despite regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, it is possible for cellulite to form. However, an unhealthy lifestyle in which there is little to no exercise along side a poor diet can worsen the appearance of cellulite. Also, poor exercise and diet can result in poor circulation and water retention which can further the effects of cellulite.

    Over time, as aging occurs the loss of skin thickness happens as well. The loss of tone in the connective tissues within the upper dermis and superficial fat layers can cause visible dimpling of the skin. Developing research has linked estrogen to cellulite suggests that estrogen breaks down collagen. This break down of collagen by estrogen is said to lead to the formation of cellulite.

    There are several non-surgical treatment options on the market for cellulite. Treatments include creams, pills, and teas. A restricted diet in which salty, chemically additive, and spicy foods are eliminated may also help. Also, a proper exercise regime to help improve circulation will also aid in the elimination of cellulite. How well a product will help to minimize the appearance depends on the age of the cellulite. A combined regime of products, exercise, and healthy diet may reduce the visibility of cellulite.

    A surgical treatment option for removing cellulite is liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which excess fat is removed by suction. There are several types of liposuction that can be performed. A licensed surgeon can help recommend which is the best option pending on the person. Liposuction can be beneficial, however as with any surgery there are risks. These risks include but are not limited hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac problems. It is best to seek the advice of a medical professional with experience before making a final decision on liposuction. While cellulite can be embarrassing to have, it is also something that can be easily removed over time through patience. It is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid creating further problems with cellulite.

    The collection of fat in the skin leads to cellulite. Cellulite dimples the appearance of your skin. It is scientifically observed that males are more prone to cellulite than females. In case of females, the body fat collection in big chambers is divided by the collagen fiber columns.

    To get rid or to minimize the effects of cellulite, you must ensure that you get a well-balanced and proper diet. You must avoid the use of high fat food items and must drink large amounts of water. It is highly recommended that you must make the use of herbal based or home remedies than to go for chemical-based products as they are safer, easier to use and free from any type of side-effects.

    You can take the help of a good body brush and utilize it on your dry skin so that it can help to enhance the circulation of blood in your body.
    You can also make use of botanical ingredients such as strawberry, kola nut, fennel, algae and lemon that can be applied on cellulite cream products. This can help to reduce your cellulite.
    You can also mix rosemary, almond oil and fennel oil; this can be rubbed on the affected body parts.
    You can also use essential oils such as rosemary, cedar wood, patchouli and juniper; they can help to remove cellulite.
    Gloves can be used while you undergo body massage and you can also make the use of sisal mitt for the treatment of cellulite.
    Yoga and posture exercises can also be undertaken to assist the body muscle to calm down to a comfortable level, this helps in the elimination of cellulite.
    There are various cellulite creams available in the market today; they can be applied on the body’s affected area by taking the help of your fingertips.
    An individual who is suffering from cellulite must take a high fiber and low fat diet along with a considerable amount of fruit and vegetables to reduce cellulite.
    You can also drink at least 3-4 glasses of lemon juice with cayenne to reduce the level of cellulite in your body.
    You also have the option to take juice, green tea, amino acids, onions, protein and Vitamin A to reduce cellulite level.
    Anti-cellulite aromatherapy oil can also be applied on the affected area after mixing it with lukewarm water. You can also apply it on your thighs and hips for a small amount of time.
    Coffee powder can also be used in small quantity along with a good moisturizing lotion. The paste can be rubbed on the body’s affected part for at least 5-6 minutes per day. After that, you can wash this paste with lukewarm water.

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