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    Urfa balıklı göl ingilizce tanıtımı

    urfa balıklı göl ingilizce tanıtımı

    Fish, (Aynzeliha and Lakes Halil-ur Rahman) southwest of the city center and situated in Sanliurfa falls known as the place of the Prophet Abraham thrown into a fire, these two lakes, historical monuments around them with sacred fish and the most visited places in Sanliurfa.
    Prophet Abraham, the cruel ruler of period Nemrut and deities worshiped by the people to fight, began to defend the idea of ​​a single god, the present castle hill thrown into the fire by Nimrod.
    In the meantime, set on fire by Allah, “O fire, be salvation for Abraham and cool” is ordered. This order, fever turns into water fishes. As Abraham falls right into a rose garden. Abraham falls in the Halil-ur Rahman lake. According to tradition, Nimrod, Abraham believes his daughter Zeliha throws himself on fire after her. Occurred in the area when they Aynzeliha Zeliha Lake. Eaten by fish in the lake is considered sacred by both the public and protected.
    Said Nursi died March 23 1960, Şanlıurfa, Halil-ur Rahman lodge buried here after. However, the tomb of the order of July 12 1960 May 27 Coup government was deconstructed and transferred to an undisclosed place.

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