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    Orkide Çiçeği İngilizce Tanıtımı

    Orkide Çiçeği İngilizce Tanıtımı

    The orchid flower is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It is a very elegant, very exotic and long lasting flower. It belongs to the Orchidaceae family, the largest and most diverse of the flowering plant families. There are more than 30,000 species of orchid flowers are known throughout the world, and varieties vary in size and shape. There are many hybrids and cultivars produced by horticulturalists, created since the 19th century. The most common orchid flowers are the dendrobium orchids, cymbidium orchids, and vanilla orchids. The name “orchid” is derived from the Greek word ‘orkhis’ that means ‘testicle’ with reference of its bulbous roots’ form.

    Orchid flowers can be found growing in almost any climate or environment except Antarctica. Although orchid flowers can grow just about anywhere, each species has a particular environment that it will grow and thrive.That is why all orchid flowers are classified as per their preferred climatic conditions. There are cool-climate orchids, intermediate climate orchids and warm climate orchids.

    Orchid flowers can grow at different elevations. There are terrestrial orchids and epiphytes. Terrestrial orchids grow on the ground and epiphytes grow on the trunks, branches of trees and rocks.

    The orchid flower is a very delicately structured flower. It comes in different sizes and shapes. However, the basic orchid flower has three petals and three sepals, with the third petal modified, not very easily recognizable and differentiated from the other two.

    The orchid flower’s elegance, beauty and exotic allure have made the orchid flower a popular gift for many occasions as a fresh cut flower and potted plant. Fresh flowers have the vase life for about 2 weeks. Orchids flowers look incredible in flower arrangements. They represent a good taste and sophistication. Dried orchid flowers are used in dried arrangements as decoration for home or office.

    Orchid flowers have many medicinal qualities. They are commonly used in Chinese medicine as one of the fifty fundamental herbs.

    Vanilla orchids are used to make commercial vanilla flavouring. Vanilla is highly valued for its sweet flavour and aroma and used in food as well as in perfumes.

    Orchid flowers carry a symbolic meaning. The orchid flower is a flower of magnificence that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, and thoughtfulness.

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