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    Ali Kuşçu İngilizce Hayatı

    Ali Kuşçu İngilizce Hayatı

    Ali Kuşçu is one of the most noteworthy and important scientists

    in Turkish-Islamic world in the XVth century. He wrote invaluable works

    especially on astronomy and mathematics. He was a student and coworker of the famous statesman and scientist Uluğ Bey. After Uluğ Bey’s

    assassination Ali Kuşçu left Samarqand and went to Tabriz where he

    started to work for Uzun Hasan, the ruler of Akkoyunlu. While he had

    been working for Uzun Hasan, Ali Kuşçu was sent as a good-will

    ambassador to Mehmed II. Having completed his ambassadorial duty he

    went back to Tabriz. However, upon Mehmed II’s invitation Ali Kuşçu

    returned to İstanbul continued his studies and spent the last two years of

    his life in İstanbul working for the Ottoman Empire.


    Istanbul Observatory was founded by Takiyüddin er-Raşid during the

    reign of Sultan Murad III, in Istanbul and was a venae for important studies

    and research. Takiyüddin er-Raşid, born in Damascus in 1526, was the founder

    of the first observatory in the Ottoman Empire. After completing his education

    in Damascus and Egypt, he served as a judge10 and professor, during this time

    he really got into astronomy and mathematics. He arrived in İstanbul in 1570

    and in 1571 he became Müneccimbaşı

    11 After meeting with Sultan Murad III

    through Sokullu Mehmed Pasha, he proposed to build an observatory to have a

    better calendar12 than Uluğ Bey’s. The Observatory was partially built in 1577

    and Takiyüddin er-Raşid started his observations there. He built a very precise

    mechanical clock to make measurements. He invented new tools to make

    various calculations in İstanbul Observatory. He also wrote the first book in the

    Ottoman Empire about mechanical machines. The instruments in the

    Observatory were as follows: armillae zodiac, mural quadrant, azimuthal

    semicircle, triquetrum, dipotra and sextant. However, the Observatory was

    demolished in 1580 due to political and religious reasons by the order of the

    As already mentioned above, Ali Kuşçu was a student of Uluğ Bey and

    Kadızade-i Rumi as well14. He was deeply interested in the fields of

    mathematics and astronomy. He completed his education in Samarqand and

    Kirman. After having been educated by a well-known scientist of his time,

    Kadızade-i Rumi, Ali Kuşçu became the assistant of Uluğ Bey. After the death

    of Kadızade, Ali Kuşçu was appointed as the director of Samarqand

    Observatory. Uluğ Bey appreciated Ali Kuşçu’s studies on astronomy.

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