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    trabzon ilinin ingilizce tanıtımı

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    Trabzon ilinin ingilizce tanıtımı

    Trabzon Eastern Black Sea Region in the beginning of the transit route is located in the Caucasus and Iran. There are other countries in connection with the ports of the Black Sea coast. History and natural beauty four seasons of tourism can be seen around town.


    Districts of Trabzon; Akcaabat, Arakli, Arsin, Beşikdözü, Carsibasi, Çaykara, Dernekpazarı, Düzköy, Hayrat, Bridgehead, Macka, Of, Surmene, Şalpazarı, Tonya, and Yomra'dır Vakfikebir.

    Akcaabat: Trabzon, 13 km west of the town was established and the sea shore. Of course, the beaches of the province with one of the major coastal towns. Sera Lake Village, as well as areas of Mersin and Akcakale camping is one of the important tourist places.

    Çaykara: Trabzon and 76 km away from south-east of the district is famous for Uzungol Tourism Center.

    Macka Trabzon-Trabzon, 30 km on the highway Gumushane Altindere National Park, as well as natural beauty and Sumela Monastery is located in a tourist town.

    Düzköy: Located 40 km from Trabzon district Çalköy caves, is a tourist town.



    Hagia Sophia Museum

    Kostaki Mansion (Trabzon Museum)


    Trabzon Castle: It is the work of the best preserved in the region. Goes back to the city center, the hills and the sea.

    Armory: a nested structure consisting of two round towers still standing outside the building exactly twice. The third floor is a part of the very few have survived. 13'er has two arched windows inside and outside buildings. Frequently and regularly spaced windows on each floor 13.

    Exterior building windows in the entry is the same height and slightly wider than the left, falls to the northwest. Part of the inscription on the blank. The third floor of the existing wall, flush door, a square stone slab, in which H. There are 1302 senesiyle monogram. Square plate has four corner rosettes.

    Nowadays it, operate, transfer model is hired Abraham ÖZTÜRK, restoration began. Restoration is ongoing.


    Mansion: Soguksu district took place in a small pine grove was built at the beginning of the 20th century, Ataturk Trabzon between 1934 and 1937 visits have been guests in this mansion. After his death, by the City of Trabzon, was decorated with period furnishings used, was opened to visitors as the Atatürk Museum. Vasiyetnamesinin this mansion in 1937, he wrote a portion of the Great leader.

    Mosques and Churches

    Faith is an important center for tourism in Trabzon, important mosques Gülbaharhatun Mosque, Iskenderpasa Mosque, Bazaar Mosque, the Great Mosque in Imaret; important churches Haghios Eugenius Church (the new Friday Mosque), Panaghia Chrysocephalos Church (Fatih Camii), the Santa Maria Church, Hagia Sophia Church Santa (Smoky) churches.


    Inns in the province, Vakıfhan, Tashan, Alacahandır. In addition, the Bazaar is a next Taşhan'ın.

    Protected Areas

    Altindere Valley National Park

    Uzungol Nature Park

    Natural Monuments of Trabzon


    Sera Lake Area

    Transportation: 7 km of road to the south of Trabzon-Akcaabat 2 Km. is gravel. Trabzon - Akcaabat are filled every hour of the day.

    Features: Water, electricity, post office around the lake as well as a greenhouse with an improved camping and picnic area. Fishing in the lake can be done.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: There is a small bed and breakfast accommodation to be benefited. All kinds of basic necessities can be obtained from the Highlands. Fish and meat restaurant, tea house, the grocery store is open until late at night.

    Macka-Şolma Plateau

    Transportation: 22 km west from the town of Macka. go dirt road. Kulin has rich vegetation within the 16 km mountain pass. In the summer there are minibuses.

    Features: 1 700 m. village situated at the bottom of the building has been completed. Electricity, water, telephone.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: there are no accommodation facilities, camping gear should be brought. But the market, green grocer, teahouse, serving small businesses like butchers.

    Macka-Mavura Highland

    Transportation: Maçka'nın18, 5 km. Mavura west of the plateau during the summer months there are minibuses.

    Features: Electricity and water of the plateau, spring season, tea house, grocer, butcher, greengrocer serves. Wilting yaylasıyla Mavura 3.5 km from Plateau. forest scenic dirt road, is ideal for walking on foot.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: there are no accommodation facilities, camping gear should be brought. There is a small place daily basic needs met.

    Macka-Cherry Highland

    Transportation: Macka district, 22 km from the village of Gürgenağaç. the asphalt road, 7 km to the south from the village of Gürgenağaç. dirt road accessible. In summer season, commercial vehicles offer passenger service.

    Features: 1 850 m. village situated at the bottom of the building has been completed. Fish for trout in the stream in the high plateau of ice, grass-skiing can be a plateau. On the third Friday of July, "Ayeser Festival" is celebrated.

    Electricity, as well as a village post office and a fountain, grocery store, tea house, butcher and restaurant facilities.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink Hamsiköy and can stay in pensions in the villages of Gürgenağaç. There is a small shopping areas and restaurants of all kinds need to be met.

    Lapazan Plateau

    Transportation: Gürgenağaç village south of the 2 200 m 27 km altitude plateau. four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

    Features: infrastructure yet kavuşmamış plateau from June to July are piles of snow in some places. Abrasion-resistant vegetation suitable for grass skiing.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: The highland pristine camping gear and should bring basic supplies.

    Macka-Çakırgöl Plateau

    Transportation: The highland Macka - Mary road, 90 km dirt road five kilometers left to right. can be reached after advancing. Plateaus on the path of a part of the commercial vehicles offer passenger service. Çakırgöl plateau terrain type vehicles specialist.

    Features: 2 504 m-high plateau on the way Çakırgöl; Albania, Kırantaş, River, Ayraksa, Livayda Kurugol, Mesaraş Furnoba, Kasap, Camiboğazı, Ortaoba and Deveboynu are plateaus.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: The highland camping gear and should bring basic supplies.

    Çaykara - Uzungol Tourism Center

    Transportation: 20 km from Çaykara. Uzungöl away from summer and winter means of transportation are available.

    Features: 1 250 m. Uzungol height, with its unique natural beauty of the Black Sea in recent years is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Infrastructure has been completed. The lake has an area of 500 thousand m2 of trout and carp. Uzungöl'ün 10 km. 3000 m south of Holdizon height of the mountains, pedestrians can walk around with course conditions, observe wildlife and wild nature.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: Uzungöl'de lake view accommodation facilities, food and beverage facilities available. 72-bed wooden bungalows and restaurants are operated in summer and winter.

    Montenegro Tourism Centre - Montenegro Plateau

    Transportation: Akcaabat - Düzköy road 12 28 km to the west, turn kilometers. gidilebilen dirt road to the high plateaus, plateau during commercial vehicles provide transportation.

    Features: 1 946 m high plateau with plenty of oxygen is preferred for those suffering from lung problems. The infrastructure of this village souvenir outlets have been completed. Plateau is also rich in wildlife.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: stay at 10-bed guesthouse. A small market, bakery, tea house and restaurant serves.

    Devamlı Üye
    Montenegro Tourism Centre - Hıdırnebi and Kuruçam Highlands

    Transportation: These highlands Akcaabat - Düzköy way to turn ten-kilometer dirt road to reach I2.nci kilometers to the west. Road is open to the highlands in summer and winter access to commercial vehicles provide transportation. Kuruçam - is one kilometer from Hıdırnebi.

    Features: 1 742 m high plateaus of infrastructure has been completed. The three-day festival held from July 20 Hıdırnebi Hıdırnebi top terrace is a natural landscape. In the forest wolves, foxes, jackals and so on. wild animals and can be photo-safari.

    The local villagers, tasseled bags, striped socks, knitting basket, churn, spoons and so on. selling wood kitchen utensils.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: There is a small market, green grocer, butcher, bakery, restaurants and tea houses and hostels is to run during spring. There are mineral water sources in the village of Acısu accommodation.

    Tonya - Erikbeli Tourism Centre - Erikbeli Plateau

    Transportation: Tonya district, 24 km to the south. reached by dirt road, Erikbeli Plateau during the summer months of commercial passenger transportation are taxis and minibuses

    Features: 1 800 m. high infrastructure of this village has been completed. Erikbeli Tourism Centre, Galley, Frown Obası, Sazalanı, Zigana, Ken highlands at the junction to the junction of the roads. Erikbeli, Sazalanı, Ken, Sinlice, Şıkkıranı and you are ideal for hiking from mountain plateaus. Ken highland is 9 km Erikbeli Tourism Center. north, 19 km from Şıkkıran Plateau. is in the north of the forest.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: Bring a camp for accommodation. But the plateau of meat, milk, egg, food items such as bread are available.

    Sazalanı Plateau

    Transportation: 24 km Tonya'ya. 5 km away from the Tourist Center Erikbeli. Sazalanı crude dirt road can be reached plateau is located on the west, spring season, commercial vehicles offer passenger service.

    Features: 1 700 m. high infrastructure of this village has been completed. Highlands restaurant, tea house, can be found in grocery.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: Bring a camp for accommodation. However, basic supplies covered plateau.

    Fog Mountain Plateau

    Transportation: 24 km Tonya'ya. Erikbeli northwest 25 km away from the Tourist Center. Fog dirt road mountain plateau is reached.

    Features: 1 550 m high plateau of infrastructure services have been partially. Grocer, butcher and teahouse can be found. Fog on the Mountain Festival the third Saturday of July every year is done.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: Bring a camp for accommodation. However, basic supplies covered plateau.

    Highland Galley

    Transportation: Galley Plateau, 24 km from Tonya'ya. Tourism Center, 14 km away from the Erikbeli. east. Crude reached by dirt road to the high plateaus of commercial vehicles provide transportation in the summer.

    Features: Plateau, 2 300 m limit on the height of the growing tree. Galley is celebrated on the third Friday of July every year, tens of thousands of people are Şenlikleri'ne. Folk dance performances, competitions, drum zurnalı tons of fun during the meat, bread, buttermilk Galley Festival consumed a large market, similar to panayıra.

    Electricity, water, toilets. a plateau as well as a grocery store, butcher, bakery, restaurant, haberdasher, a tea house serving.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: Bring a camp for accommodation. However, basic supplies covered plateau.

    Frown Obası Plateau

    Transportation: 24 km Tonya'ya. Tourism Center, 14 km away from the Erikbeli. Galley located 9 km east of the plateau. south. Plateau can go to private vehicles.

    Features: 2 200 m Frown Obası a small plateau height. Obası Erikbeli-Galley-Collision between Highland and hiking can be done Zigana Ski Resort. Spears Water, Martyrs' Hill, are places of legends such as wells and bells.

    Spears Water: According to legend, a very thirsty soldiers during the war, left to right, with all his might to break away and throws a spear. Spear a piece of ground water is struck, struck the other piece of ground water will be lost. There are between 50-60 meters below the water mysteriously out of the grass section, today, are protected by concrete.

    Well the name of bells, a stone dropped into the well part of it if the sound is a long time. The cave entrance is covered by snow is a long time.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: Accommodation and eating-drinking supplies should be brought.

    Düzköy (Haçka Obası) Highland

    Transportation: The village is 40 km from Trabzon. Düzköy town 12 km away from the south. out of Trabzon.

    Features: 1 784 m high infrastructure of this village has been completed. A small market, butcher, greengrocer, bakery, and there are tea houses. Galley on the third Friday of July, 14 August in the village festivities Karaabdal tomb of Father Haçkalı interest.

    Accommodations-Food and Drink: 20 can stay at guesthouse. There are all kinds of food and beverage facilities.


    Çalköy Cave

    Akarsu Village Cave

    Picnic Areas

    Boztepe Trabzon city that provides a panoramic view point of the region, and the rest is used for summer travel. By car it is possible to transport food and beverage facilities, is well developed.

    Çamburnu: Trabzon-Rize district of the State Highway Surmene pine grove on the beach and picnic-area.

    Lake Greenhouse: Greenhouse Lake, Trabzon, on the west coast, 8 km from the city center. at a distance, 2 km from the sea. distance, a crater lake within the borders of Akcaabat County extension. In 1950 a landslide occurred in the Netherlands. Eating and drinking facilities, as well as organized a picnic area.


    Gümüşhane and Bayburt the south, west of Giresun, Rize and is surrounded by the east of Trabzon in the Black Sea coast north of there. Residential density kesimlerdedir coast. 3000 m above sea level, starting from the south finds the increasing height in the region. High areas are usually mountains, hills and plateaus is.

    The vegetation is extremely rich in terms of specific regions in Trabzon, 440, 2500 plant species which are rare in Turkey.

    The annual average sea temperature is 16.1 °, 27.5 ° C in August to reach. The lowest value in March is 6.0 ° C. The Black Sea regime is obvious features of each rainy months of the year.


    Urban BC, the first time on 5th century Miletus was founded by colonists.

    Living in the Roman and Byzantine eras of Trabzon, in 1204 became the capital of Pontus state.

    1461 at the city taken by the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Yavuz Sultan Selim, Suleiman the Magnificent made Şehzadelik was born in this city.


    Many of the anchovy meal, collards and corn bread, anchovies bird, anchovy pilaf, kaygana anchovy, fried anchovies, roasted cabbage, hoşmerim, Akcaabat meatballs, minced meat and cheese pita in Trabzon, the local dishes Hamsiköy rice pudding.


    Walk on the old narrow cobblestone kaldırımlarının arastas shaped and single-storey corridor reminiscent, almost all of the people of Trabzon Trabzon kemeraltında shopping venue with unique hand-made silver filigree style you should see things. You should definitely visit the sixth and Silversmiths bazaar.


    Trabzon Governorship http://www.trabzon.gov.tr/

    Trabzon Municipality http://www.trabzon-bld.gov.tr/

    Karadeniz Technical University http://www.ktu.edu.tr/

    T.C. Trabzon Governorship Provincial Directorate of Tourism http://www.trabzonturizm.gov.tr/

    City Guide Trabzon http://www.trabzonrehberi.net/


    The best preserved of the region, stretching from the hills of Trabzon Castle Visiting the sea,

    7 km southwest of the city's 19th century civil architecture sample area with cold water and made a gift to Atatürk, the Atatürk Mansion without having to visit the people of Trabzon,

    Irena Tower and the Armory, known as Robert or see them used as a venue,

    Highland festival, starting on the first Sunday of May festivities lasted until the end of August, the symbol is in Trabzon. If you come to Trabzon to joining the festival held on the festival,

    In winter, have come to Trabzon, Sumela monastery can see them under the snow,

    The route of the way after a trip to the Monastery Sumela restaurants, land filling of cabbage, the BSS, Hamsiköy'de Hamsiköy eating rice pudding,

    Visiting Uzungölü,

    Butter trout and enjoying all the dishes peculiar to the Black Sea ...

    Do not turn.

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