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    The biggest challenge in dealing with people who live in this world. Relationships with nature is not that difficult. Human soil, stones, rain, mud, yokluklarla, heat, cold, hunger, and their struggle with the storm can come right. But a man's disturbance and noxious and mendebur incitmesi can not be easily def. Uğraştırır you for days, can worry about not breathe. Ignoring the transient relationships, this is more difficult to forgive, but in dealing with constantly. If you have healthy relationships with people every day who can not be happy. So the first duty to repair his relationships.

    In dealing with people who have to be strong and sturdy. Otherwise, people çullanır upon you, your soul is hurt and wounded. Hope for a wounded soul and loses its vitality. Küser world. Does not want to do another job. Always runs away fearing they will face difficulties. Away from people, the shell is pulled. But this is not a cure. Is necessary to go on the difficulties and solve them. Show reactions. Fair, quiet, well-behaved, nice, polite, and be polite enough. Mistakes, injustices, and küstahlıklara zorbalıklara against the exit. If you do not step over people pass you.

    Others to use, exploit, belittle, tabiatlarında people snore, and thus has to satisfy himself. Good and bad, religious or not religious, that all men are like that. You go to a circle, there officers işgüzarlıklar brings you to feed one's ego. Try to enter the queue at a location that you enter the open-eyed, apartment building neighbors do not want to participate in the common expenses, tanıştıklarınız they see you a little weak to prove the size of a small name on it are addressed. Grab your right arm, wears a nurse in the hospital is recognized. You go to the mosque congregation blessed the believers, a lie that they want you to certify the merits. Relatives, friends and even your parents take your gifts, and lip bends contempt. To earn more money secretly blame you. Hey did not even have a home The apartment in his private work you like to run your supervisor, your friend from work kaytarır, leaves you with the job. Hundreds of thousands of jobs like this more

    When the facts are not aware of events at the beginning of human life goes on blindly. There are brave and great prospects. But realizing that the situation is not so slowly withdrawn, and if you become unable to work by giving concessions to artıramazsa forces. Most of the people back, lose hope. The light works, such as the eyes of the mountain lost its hope and start to grow. Will appear as insurmountable obstacles in front. This is an abnormal condition. Is unable to control himself, artıramazsa forces, the inevitable result of this potential activity geçiremezse retire into oneself, of rupture with the facts. It is very difficult to treat.

    The problem is the biggest problem of every human being's personality development and implementation. Learn the truth table is not a problem. Everyone knows the truth and wrong and have the power to live according to them, but not everyone. Without it, this is when the problem first for him. It is necessary to eliminate. The facts in the face of fairy tales, dreams, the abstract and metaphysical advice, nothing is useless. The value of the advice that is necessary to strengthen the relationships you. Things just do not throw a party to this case. Read and review what you learned, you should take your life easier for others to keep what you see. No one living this life for you. Suffering, distress, worries the price you pay. Responsibility is yours. If so, who should not important what he said. Have worked to look at the thoughts. Urgently necessary to lower the rising fire.

    Our sorrows, which will save the details of our daily lives sıkıntılarımızdan are releasing information. Increase our strength that we do not experience anything. Reputation must not empty rhetoric. Them to grasp the depth of thinking on your experience and any other information you would not be useful. Real knowledge is knowledge that experience. SEEN us what it is not possible to change and improvement. Things we learn as we live. We should note that the finishes. Bitter, and useful facts. Dreams are beautiful and useless. Does not provide a progress in the abstract and metaphysical things. Because they do not change. Does not change anything that does not change us. A change in the learning activity. Pbuh.

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