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    Return to earth kitabının özeti

    Return to Earth
    Title: Return to Earth
    Author: John Christopher
    Publisher (level): Oxford (level 2)


    In this story, it is on the earth in 2029. Harl decided to go to the space travel of eight years. In this story’s world, if you travel through space for eight years, it is a hundred years for the people on the earth. Ellen, a friend of Harl, is involved in Project X. Project X ‘s purpose is going to change the world, to make a world of telepathy. Ellen decided to remain and advance the project. Harl and astronauts go to the space. The spaceship returns to the earth in 2129. But there is nobody on the earth. And they watch lions use telepathy. Next morning, a very old man comes to the spaceship. He is the last living remainder. And he tells the story about last 100years. Project X was succeeded and humans and some kinds of animals become to use telepathy. But children die before become adults. Because using telepathy, they die by knowing darkness of mind.


    It’s 2029. When they walk through a park, Harl and Ellen talk about their works and their lives. They are lovers each other, but their work as scientists is more important for them than their love. Harl plans to leave Earth, on a long journey through space. For Harl, his journey through space will take eight years, but for the people on Earth, it will be a hundred years. So, when he returns to Earth, Ellen will be long dead. And Ellen plans to stay on Earth, to carry out Project X. This project is going change the world, to make a world of telepaths. All people and animals on Earth will be telepaths. They all know what another person is thinking. After Harl knows this project, he leaves Earth. When he returns to Earth, it’s 2129. Harl and his fellows try to find people in 2129. But there is nobody on Earth and the cities are dead. In the streets of Rome, they find lions are fighting. And they notice the lions are telepaths. So, they understand that Project X changes everything on Earth. One day, the visitor arrives – a real living man. He is very old. And he tells them what happens on Earth for a hundred years. He says the telepathy kills all people. Because of the telepathy, people have got bad minds. People know all terrible things that go on in their and other people’s minds. They can see, hear, and feel everything, every minute of their waking lives. Living with that terrible noise of other people’s minds in our head all time is so uncomfortable and dreadful. Because of the telepathy, people can’t believe each other and can’t marry and have children. So, nobody is left in the world. The man asks them to start things again like before 2019 because there are two women on the space ship

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