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    My Vacation to Las Vegas

    I went to Las Vegas on my vacation I thought that Las Vegas was boring but then I was told that Las Vegas is one of the nation’s favorite vacation destinations and I really didn?t care. When I got to Las Vegas we went to a hotel called el Cancun I thought it would be boring but I told my self to not judge a book bye it?s cover. At night I saw lights I didn?t know it was a 24-hour city where gambling is the number one thing to do no one told cause I never been at Las Vegas before and my parents love to gamble. it but el Cancun had a big pool and I love pools so I was swimming for the rest of the night. In the morning I woke up and we went to Circus Circus which has adventure dome it?s just one of the casino?s Las Vegas has with a theme park in it. Circus Circus offers entertainment for the whole family and plenty of activities for me and my cousin and my friend like Roller coasters, water parks, virtual reality theaters, and an assortment of museums and I thought Las Vegas was considered an adult city. My mom always left me at home but now nearly all of the larger hotels have some form of entertainment for children and me. Even Las Vegas has a program to watch children in some hotels but I don?t need to be watched I?m old enough to take care of myself and my baby brother. It was hard to resist all the games so I spend all my money over the it was about 200 dollars but I didn?t car that was only my birthday money there?s always next year and after I had fun for three days we went back home cramp on my moms car that my brother brought from home. After a long day in we got home and my muscle were aching.


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    İngilizce dili dünyanın ne çok konuşulan dillerinden biridi.r bu dil aynı zaman da dünya dili olarak da kabul edilmektedir. bunun dışında ingilizce kolay öğrenilen bir dildir. ancak türkçeden pek çok farklı yanı olduğu için bizlere biraz zor gelebilmektedir.

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