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    Mum Will Cry|İngilizce Fıkralar

    Mum Will Cry|İngilizce Fıkralar

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    One of Hodja’s sons is a potter in a nearby village. One day he says:

    “Dad, I spent all my money on these pots. If it is sunny and they all dry in time, I’ll be rich. But if it rains, my mum will cry (it is an idiom in Turkish which means to be in distress h to be in a great difficulty)

    Then Hodja calls on his elder son who lives in another village. His son says:

    “Dad, I spent all my fortune on this farm. If it rains in time, I’ll become rich. But there is drought, my mum will cry.”
    Hodja returns home bored. His wife says:

    “What happened, Effendi? Why are you sulky today?”
    “That is not important. You think of your own case. It doesn’t matter whether it rains or not; one of our sons mother will cry in any case.

    We should take the necessary precautions beforehand in order to avoid the possible negative effects of coincidences. If one secret of success is “working hard”, the other secret is “taking the necessary precautions in time.”

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