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    Nasreddin Hoca Fıkraları İngilizce

    Nasreddin Hoca Fıkraları İngilizce

    Nasreddin Hoca Fıkraları

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    When they saw Hodja sitting by the lake and stirring some yogurt into the water they asked him what he was doing.
    "I'm adding starter into the lake to make yogurt," he answered.
    "But is it possible to turn the lake into yogurt?" "I know it is impossible but what if I succeed," Hodja replied.


    One day Nasreddin Hodja came to city center and stayed in a hotel with his friend.His friend asked at midnight :
    Hodja,Have you slept? ” his friend asked
    What’s up?” Nasreddin Hodja answered.
    "I want to lend you some money” his friend said
    Nasredin Hodjaa started to snore :
    “I am sleeping” he said


    One day Hodja was by the river sleepily and one stanger shouted across the river and asked…
    The man said ”Hodja , How can I get across the river?”
    Hodja answered “You are already across the river.”


    While Hodja was walking to his house , a villager who likes baklava stopped him.
    Hodha ,someone was carrying a large tray of baklava a little time ago.
    I am not concerned!
    But the man was taking it to your house.
    Then it doesn’t concern you.


    One day when he was young, Hodia climbed a fig tree and started eating the figs. Soon he was caught by the owner of the land. The man asked,

    "Hey! Who arc you? What are you doing up there in my tree?" "I'm a nightingale," Hodia answered. "If you are a nightingale, let's hear you sing," the man replied. Hodia made strange sounds trying to imitate a nightingale. "What kind of a nightingale are you? Nightingales don't sing like this!" said the man. "Well," said Hodja, "this is how inexperienced nightingales sing."

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