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    bitkilerin gövdeleri ingilizce

    Plant Body and Body Types

    Most herbaceous plants, small trees, up to the highest in the world by means of the roots of each plant from the soil minerals and water, including the most extreme leaves must deploy anywhere. This is a very important need for the plants because the plants need more water and minerals are substances.

    Photosynthesis is the process in all its activities, including the plants need water constantly. Because the plants,
    - And the tension of the vitality of cells,
    - The process of photosynthesis,
    - Receipt of nutrients in the soil melted,
    - Moved to different locations in these nutrients within the plant,
    - And in warmer climates, such as leaves on the cooling effect by heat, prevent damage and carry out vital processes using only water.

    But hidden in the depths of the soil water and mineral salts by the plant will be how? In addition, plants absorb these substances from the soil through its roots, how to transmit different parts of their bodies? These methods are difficult processes, such as when you use what? The most important thing to remember when given the answers to these questions, without doubt, is that a tough task of extracting water hundreds of meters. Today, this process is carried out using a variety of pressure boosting systems. Transport and distribution processes in plants is also provided with a kind of hydraulic system.

    In plants, the presence of the booster system was discovered about 200 years ago. But contrary to the force of gravity as the water plants working in this movement that can explain with certainty that the system is still not identified a scientific law. Scientists in this regard not only to put forward various theories and these theories applies to what is seen in the respect many of the most plausible and satisfactory.

    All plants are equipped with the necessary materials from soil can take a distribution network. This network provided the soil minerals and water, the necessary amounts of attractions needed to be forward as soon as possible. According to the findings of scientists, more than one method plants use to accomplish this difficult task. Transport of water and nutrients in plants is accomplished by structures that are different from each other. These structures are specially designed transport and distribution channels.

    Water, minerals, plant tissues and photosynthesis in the production of transport nakilci acts as a liquid. Per plant, each section has different tasks. Will send all materials contain the necessary places. The water contained in the soil through the roots and the xylem tissue is passed through the root hairs and the leaves are used in photosynthesis.

    a) The cells of the xylem
    b) The same tree bulunmalarına Pholoem cells despite carrying pipes which are structurally very different from each other


    1. Woody BODY: hard and durable wood, such as vessels of perennial plants. Example: pine, poplar, apple, willow, woody trunk.

    OTSU BODY: One-year plants, thin, weak, and vessels of the green. Example: vegetables, wheat. Grass
    2. herbaceous trunk.

    3. BODY BLOWS: Food storage in the trunk and under the earth. Example: potatoes and yams.

    4. REPTILE HOUSING: Land on the right do not stop, creeping trunk. Example: watermelon and strawberry.

    5. Sarilgan BODY: vine, grapevines and bean plants, such as the body of this type.

    6. FLAT BODY: Cabbage, lettuce, onions and herbs such as garlic, flat body of the trunk.

    7. TANK BODY: Cactus, such as water-storing cells gövdelerdir.
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