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  1. Mesport

    Hazreti isa hayatı ingilizce

    Life of Jesus

    Mentioned in the Quran and the prophets of Israel sent. Hz. Jesus (pbuh) Gregorian years, according to Western historians, was born four or five years ago. Again, according to Western historians Hz. Jesus (pbuh) in the hands of the Romans in Judea from the Romans during his reign of Tiberius towards thirty years the people said he was a Prophet. First, the true religion invited the people of Galilee and then Jerusalem. Replenishment of their religion, the religion of the Jews sent to the Prophet to fix kattıklarını. Jesus (as) to him the holy book called the Bible downloaded it says: "Their covenants not I, but I came to complete." Hz. Jesus (pbuh), the Jews falsified their understanding of the Old Testament, to rescue the Prophet. Moses (a.
    s) in place, and the Jews brought akideyi reported previously tried to alleviate troublesome in some divine laws. Hometown of the first sermon, and papers reporting the shores of Lake Galilee Genaseret Hz. Jesus then went to Jerusalem. Jews Hz. Jesus, the period of Pontus Pilate, the Roman governor of Jerusalem complained. Hz in one of the disciples named Judas. According to Christian belief that Jesus is betrayed and the Prophet. Crucifixion of Jesus was killed. The Holy Quran describes the incident as follows: "But they did not kill Jesus, and asmadılar. But they were a metaphor" (An-Nisa, 4 / 156). According to tradition, the Prophet. Judas who betrayed Jesus by the Romans, Jesus (pbuh) was hung zannedilerek. .

    Jesus (pbuh), medium-sized, red, white plays fair folk, scattered, straight hair was. Extends her hair, her shoulders salardı between. Broad-chested, freckled little face was so: on the back of wool clothing, foot wears a sandal made from the bark of the tree, walked barefoot most of the time also. He is a house at night, feel the barınacağı, household goods, and did not zevcesi. Saklamazdı accumulate anything for tomorrow. Jesus (a.
    h) the world turns away, Hereafter extracts, koyulurdu to worship God. Two feet of earth where the sun does become immersed in mansions there, stands on the faithful to prayer, fasting, night and day spent in prayer during the day (M. Asim Koksal, History of the Prophets, II. 334, 335). Jesus (pbuh) when removed from the sky, a wool robe, bit dual ecstasy, something else had left no one in the leather dağarcıktan (Abdürrezzak, Musannef, XI, 309). According to the Qur'an, the Prophet. Jesus (pbuh) 's mother Hz. Mary's. Maryam (AS), also mentioned in the Qur'an, which is one of four distinguished family was the family of Imran. Hz. Mary, Zechariah (AS) 's protection, and was under surveillance. Mary, Bayt-Makdis'te, the east side was placed in a special compartment. Zechariah (a.
    s), next to Mary, arrive there, I would see rızkını and ready to eat. Hz. Mary, Bayt Makdis'te zikirle, spent his life in worship. At this point, Allah sent Gabriel to him by championing a human being.
    in this case, the Qur'an describes the water as: "She said, I seek refuge with you Rahman'a. If you touch me afraid of him: he also, I sent you a clean counselor other than the Lord to forgive the boy I'm not, he said. Mary; me etmemişken contact with a human, I am not a bad woman, how could I have a son? said. Gabriel, this is the case, because the Lord, "it is easy to me, I'll do a mercy for people in a miracle, and our times," says , he said. business is over. Thus, the Virgin Mary, Jesus withdrew to a corner by staying pregnant. birth pangs began, and that happens very sad because of this incident, I wish I died before it lost in the gitseydim, said, "(Mary, 19 / 1 8-23 ). .

    Gabriel, the Virgin Mary (as) e, and the struggle of a father, what has the properties of doğuracağı child, Mary, who consoled and went to leave. Hz. Mary gave him and his pure worship of God in those who know that a woman who do not know how this situation can be so open-mouthed and birth had entered the debate. Hz. In the event of the Virgin Mary, the child pointed to them to ask. But "They can talk about how we cradle the child? Said. Children, of course, I am the servant of God. Gave me a book and made me a prophet. Wheresoever I, has made me blessed. Kılmamı prayer and charity, to give as long as I live, my mother ordered that it was good. me a miserable tyrant kılmadı. was born days, the day I die, the day of dirileceğim, peace be upon me, said, "(Mary, 19/23-33).

    Jesus (pbuh) 's father in the birth of a miraculous, consisted of apology from God. Even the sight of God, by becoming Adam (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) did not differ between. In fact, verses, the situation is explained as follows: "Indeed, father of Jesus comes into the world of Adam's state of the accusative in the sight of God is like. Allah created Adam from soil, then be it said, and he immediately (human) he has become "(Ali Imran, 3 / 59). Jesus (pbuh) was thirty years old when it receives the prophetic task, immediately reported the situation of Israel. Jesus (pbuh) 's and many heed the call blocking and makes changes to their distorted Torah of Israel, the Prophet. Jesus (pbuh) did not believe. In addition, Allah, the Prophet. Jesus' miracles showed risâletini support.

    Zikri are the miracles in the Quran: Jesus (pbuh) of being out of clay to make a sculpture in the form of a bird is a bird and fly it üfleyince, diriltmesi dead, blind people in the buff and tawny disease to treat those afflicted, sky-table download ( hand-Maid, 5/110-115); the Apostles and other friends' houses, saying what they are eating and what hiding gaybdan Notification (ALU Imran, 3 / 49). .

  2. Mesport

    Children of Israel, Jesus (as) i have tried many ways to stop those who follow him and, at the end of the Prophet. Jesus decided to öldürmeğe. But God brought their plans to become ineffective. The Jews, Jesus (as
    ) To capture and hung like one, and "We killed the Messiah Jesus son of Mary said," (an-Nisa, 4 / 157). On the other hand, the Koran describes the actual situation in the water: "But they did not kill Jesus, and asmadılar. But they were a metaphor. Differed in what they fell, or rather şüphededirler. Their killing has no position on the case. However, on a quest for a dry suspicion . To be precise, they did not kill him, but rather God, has raised her own times. God is powerful, dominant "(An-Nisa, 4/157-158). Jesus (pbuh) as stated in verse, was killed raised to the sky. The tomb is not in the world. Also Mi'rac'da, Prophet saw him. Hz. Jesus ascend to heaven before his disciples and preach the gospel to all humanity, had the following: "O Children of Israel! Indeed I am, who have come before me, and come after me, confirming the Torah and the name of Allah, Ahmed will be sent to you a prophet, heralding a peygamberiyim" ( es-Pure, 61 / 6).
    Hz. Jesus (pbuh) was taken to the sky there was very little time, the number of people believing in him. Then an intermediate Hz. Brought by those who accept the belief that Jesus is multiplied, the Christians at the end of the road, such as the Children of Israel came, and many inaccuracies saptılar. Today, Christians in their belief in the Trinity, Jesus (pbuh) 's to the sky just after yükseltilmesinden emerged. Jesus (pbuh) 's mother Hz. Mary Hz. Jesus lived and died in the sky after the withdrawal of up to six years (Judges, Müstedrek, II, 596). Hz. Jesus (pbuh), one of the four major hymns from the book is the Bible. Prophet of the Bible the Quran.
    Issuance and had the following information about Jesus: "Jesus son of Mary izlerince behind them, the Torah as a tasdikçisi and sent to him: a guidance, a light in the Bible, the Torah from the previous one, and those who fear Allah, a guidance tasdikçisi and we have to counsel "(al-, 5 / 11). However, the Bible been corrupted, as in the Torah: truck. However, by the last prophet Hazrat Allah. Muhammad (pbuh) downloaded Koran, the Psalms, the Torah and the Bible and the validity of the provisions eliminated. Hz. According to the majority of Islamic scholars, increased body and the spirit of Jesus into heaven. Doomsday will go down too close to the earth, will break the cross, kill the pig and the Islamic şeriatiyla judge (see Bukhari, a ', 102).

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    Devamlı Üye
    Hazreti isa kuranı kerimde yer alan yirmi beş peygamber içinde gönderilen yirmi dördüncü peygamberdir. hazreti isa bakire meryemin oğludur . ve kendisine dört büyük kitaptan biri olan incil gönderilmiştir. hazreti isa insanları allahın emriyle diriltebiliyor ve kör olanların görmesini sağlayabiliyordu.

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